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Pop Sensation Muszette Drops “Big Mood” (EP)

You can see the light, but the darkness puts up a fight, sings Muszette in the rapturing hit “Devil On The Shoulder” from her EP Big Mood. It’s one of many lyrics in the collection that sums up this songstress’ relentless attitude. She shines and her music is the switch to really light things up. Fleshy overtones and voluptuous beats, these songs have stamina. Meeting at the crossroads of pop, dance and R&B, Big Mood hits all the right moves and lands among the stars.


The first song, which is the title track, gives the listener a few directions to take. When you think it’s going to be an electronica pop tune, the music bed really starts to dart off in several directions. It’s like being inside a video game and the city lights are flashing all round you. You can visit little corridors filled with a jazzy sound – there is a horn arrangement in “Big Mood” that is lavish. It’s slick and timed just right around Muszette’s impressive octaves, it all gels perfectly.

“Gonna Rise Up” lights things up even more. I loved the overall vibe of this song – very nocturnal and yet having sunbursts like the morning dawn is creeping up along the horizon. It just feels like something is about to happen – the moment is now. Muszette’s voice, a lovely even-keeled harmony, struts above the simmering music bed. The beat is strong and it boasts much like the human spirit. In the aptly-named “Power” the same applies. She really brings up the room and, er, powers through the tension.

If Muszette were anything else, I think she’d be a superhero. She sings about overcoming obstacles. Well, okay, then maybe she’d be a motivational coach. She could easily bring your morning affirmation! Ladies and gentlemen, today’s morning coffee is brought to you by Melanie Taylor, the real name of Muszette. I guess that sounds good, right? Nah, these songs are weekend songs. “Power” is the perfect song for windows-down driving.

In “Boom” the bass lines are tight. I closed my eyes and imagined this being my psych me up song for Friday night. The work week is done and it’s time to let loose and see the city lights – immerse myself into the evening. I can also see this song being played at a live sporting event. It got my heart rate way up. “Devil On The Shoulder” is up next and it doesn’t discourage dancing whatsoever. It’s a slower build, and it has some more vocal manipulations than the others.

Sometimes it sounds like she’s trying to create a chaotic voice, or make the muffled voice in your head. Perhaps, too, Muszette is making a statement about getting through the toxic waste in your life, ignoring the haters. Finally, in “Feeling Electric”, she really lays down a terrific track that completes the entire sonic journey. And with that, it was time to hit play again. “Feeling Electric” wasn’t the summation track for me, but all-in-all, I felt like all six songs were prime time ready.

Troy Johnstone

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