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Sherry Nelson – “Supermodel, TV Host, Woman of the World”

Sherry Nelson is always well endowed with positivity and light. A supermodel, a TV co-host, a writer, a business woman, and someone that finds time for everything that matters. She has become a mini influencer because of her innocence and authentic honesty. If there is no path ahead Sherry finds the stars to follow. She is one of those people who knows that there is a shining dawn after every dark night…..

In the wake of a probable second pandemic wave, how are you staying positive ?

With or without a pandemic wave I always strive to be positive and proactive both mentally and physically. I continue to work at building professional relationships and networks and I enjoy writing and research, which helps me to develop a strong platform for the guests that appear on the shows I am a co-host on.
Physically ~ my very good friend, fitness model and icon Tharifa Wenrich has me focused on strength and resistance training. She is in Hawaii and I am in Canada, so by the grace of technology I can do this socially distant in my home. Where I live there are alot of hills so I enjoy being outside and building my stamina on my daily morning hike. As a bonus the fresh air is a boost to my mental clarity to keep me focused on what I need to get accomplished that day.

You have become a superstar show host, what are your favorite types of interviews and guests that get you excited?

Each guest carries something exciting and unique to them. Anyone who watches the show can attest to the high caliber of personalities we have been fortunate to visit with. To make for a favorite interview always starts with my research of the guest, which has become a treasure hunt to discover something inspirational the audience can learn or gain from. It is my hope that the shows I participate in translate to both the guest and the viewer, my genuine respect and interest in our conversation.
As a co-host, my aim always remains the same ~ respect of the guest and the audience, because without them there is no show.

Who have you not interviewed that you would like to interview and why?

There are so many! I love success stories whether it be in business or in entertainment. Right now, being that I am focused on the entertainment industry and striving to improve myself as much as possible, I would like to interview Barbara Walters, David Letterman, and Dick Cavett – all icons of interviewing, and who better to learn from than these greats!

Who would you like to interview you and why?

I am still surprised any one is interested in speaking with me, so I cannot single out any one individual. I’m flattered every time I have an interview because each person that interviews me brings something new and unique to the table. I just hope that the outcome will be a positive one for their particular platform.

With the holidays coming upon us what gifts would you recommend to those undecided and struggling to buy…..and please don’t mention the PS 5?

Many of us are struggling financially due to these uncertain times. For me, I place high value on a personally written note. You can find beautiful stationary at many stores, then, put into your own words a personal message to those you love and care for. Although it seems like a lost element in our society, I am sure many of us still get excited when there is a personal letter in the mail, I know I do!

For all of those who have become your fans and followers use some words of wisdom for our fractured planet?

Connecting with people is still the greatest strength we have as humans. And even though it is recommended to social distance, please continue to reach out to those who may be alone, especially the elderly. For me, Senior citizens are our greatest asset in society. To hear someone’s voice on the phone, or to receive a written message, the benefits for the recipient are immense. We all want to be remembered and loved, it is one of the simplest acts we can do for each other, all the time, pandemic or not.

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