Destiny Worldwide Entertainment Adds “His Name Is Joey” To Slate Of 2021 Projects

Destiny Worldwide Entertainment has added HIS NAME IS JOEY an original screenplay by William Byron Hillman to their 2021 slate of film projects.

What happens to a blended child of five when left on the street? His Name Is Joey will warm the soul of audiences and tug at their heartstrings. Coming in 2021 from Destiny Worldwide Entertainment.

It takes a team to board a train going in the same direction to develop mainstream movie material. Jimmy Star has joined William Byron Hillman, Alessandro Folchitto and Lorenzo Omaggio by building a Destiny Worldwide Entertainment slate of film and TV projects for 2021.

Amazing things do happen. 40 years ago Destiny Worldwide Entertainment produced its first film, The Man From Clover Grove, by first-time writer-director William Byron Hillman. After a worldwide theatrical release, the film has been revised and re-released in 2020. Now Destiny has gathered a team of filmmakers to build a slate of films for the international market in 2021.

“They” can take a lot from a woman, but not her heart, soul and determination. Once wronged, a strong woman won’t let it happen again. IZZY’S STORY – is coming soon from Destiny Worldwide Entertainment in 2021.

Producer’s Jimmy Star, William Byron Hillman and Alessandro Folchitto have found common ground. Daring to be different, Destiny Worldwide Entertainment has spread the storyline genre into a vast treasure-chest of movie/TV magic.

Organized crime continues even in the shadows. Destiny Worldwide Entertainment has created GHOSTS and PHANTOMS based on the best selling novels by William Byron Hillman – that will keep an audience edgy, on the tip of their seat and guessing at outcomes meant to surprise.

Destiny Worldwide Entertainment consists of a genre magic mixed bag of tricks with storylines bouncing from action, thrillers, comedy, horror, family and serious drama. Producer’s William Byron Hillman, Jimmy Star, Alessandro Folchitto and Lorenzo Omaggio have come together to add more excitement to film history.

Based on the success of QUIGLEY the movie, Destiny Worldwide Entertainment has created the sequel QUIGLEY 2 – fun, curiously exciting, and non-stop action only 3 slackers and 2 dogs could possibly achieve.

Photo/Poster Credit: Lorenzo Omaggio

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