Sherry Nelson: “Modeling, Movie Reviews and More”
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Sherry Nelson: “Modeling, Movie Reviews and More”

This Movie Reviews and More co-host is non-other than Sherry Nelson, the beautiful and popular Maxim model. The show has an array of celebrity guests as well as fascinating people from all over the planet. Host Brian Sebastian discovered Sherry’s co-hosting abilities and has been celebrating her subtle and charming persona ever since.

I exchanged questions and answers with Sherry regarding “Movie Reviews and More” as well as her positive thoughts, her ambitions, and her hopes for the near future he the world goes back to the old normal…..

Knowing what you know now what advice would you give to baby Sherry?

Looking back on my life so far, and given the diverse paths I have taken and continue to pursue, I am confident I am where I need to be. My values and aspirations have always remained constant, so I would tell a young Sherry that life is a gift, an opportunity to learn and experience as many things possible.

For me, the best way to experience these nuances is to surround yourself with happy, positive people with ambition and drive. I would also reinforce the value of communicating and networking, because you never know where new friends and connections may take you!

What is the first thing you’re going to do when the Canadian borders open?

I look forward to the Canada/US border opening so that I can once again travel and meet the many new friends and colleagues I have built relationships with over these past few months. There is great significance in the International border reopening to travel because that would mean this pandemic is finally on the downside to coming to a controlled conclusion.

How did you become involved in being a TV cohost?

I owe all of my good luck in becoming a TV cohost to Trixie Gynn of Custom Trends. We met in LA at Sue Wong’s Oscar Gala and became great friends immediately, and it was her suggestion to Brian Sebastian that he contact me as a source of lumber for his Dream Weaver Ranch. After a few phone conversations he then asked if I would be interested in participating in an upcoming episode as a cohost. All nerves aside, I really enjoyed the platform and am fortunate he continues to invite me as a co-host on his ever-growing popular show.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

There have been so many positives that have come my way since I began this new career path, that I am excited to see where this journey takes me. There are many avenues to pursue in entertainment, so over the next 5 years I plan to work very hard in building up my IMDB page and resume, and continue to meet many more amazing and accomplished people. My ultimate goal will be to leave a positive mark and reputation in the entertainment industry.

You have had many guests on Movie Reviews and More, do you have a favorite interview?

The caliber of guests we have had on the show has been amazing, and each guest carries something special and unique to them. I still get excited, nervous, and awe struck for each show and guest.

My goal has always been to make Brian Sebastian’s ‘Movie Reviews and More’ a place where guests know that whatever it is they are promoting or involved with, we want to give them the best platform possible.
I genuinely want to do the best I can for a guest and garner as much positive interest and attention. Once the camera cuts, and a guest is exuberant and happier than when the show began, then that always makes for a favorite interview for me.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to do exactly what you were doing?

Networking is critical to meeting and connecting with like-minded people in pursuit of any career path. Trust your instincts, work very hard, and always be respectful of the guest that appears on your show, because without guests, you have no show.

Every job I have had since the age of 14 I have valued and am thankful to be hired. All we have when we leave this life is our reputation, so always be conscious of that and do the best you can to leave a memory if integrity and kindness to others.

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