Interview: Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion (Becky)

HNN- Hi Guys, how are you doing?


How are you doing?

HNN- I am doing good.

HNN- Tell me a little bit about Becky and how this movie manifested for you both? Becky is so good. The cast is excellent, the effects and its so different.

Thank you.

I think that’s definitely one of the reasons we wanted to make it because we’ve never seen a thirteen-year-old doing what is happening in this film. It really does stand out.

HNN- Tell us about directing this incredible cast and getting them prepared for such intense roles?

We were so lucky with the cast, with everyone that came onboard. One of the things that we wanted to do with Kevin’s character was really play on the fact that he’s not known as a horror bad guy or something like that. He is known for comedy and being lovable so taking a lovable guy and putting crazy words in his mouth and making him do crazy things was really important to us. With, Lulu Wilson, we had just been tracking her career and we wanted to make that we could work with her before she got too old for the character. She is a professional. She was able to find the core of the performance quickly.

And how cool was it for us to have Joel McHale and Amanda Brugel in the roles of Kayla and Jeff. Each one bringing something very unique to the characters. The cast was amazing.

HNN- Was this a challenging shoot? The property looks cool and the house is awesome but its woods and there are obstacles and crazy stuff happening.


Well, two things, first the house was crazy. We were lucky to find a house like that because it had a lot of character. One of the weird things about was there was a trap door in the master bathroom. We were doing a typical location scout and we were moving stuff around and looking and we find a trap door. We never really found out what it was but it was just this weird basement area that was empty. We speculated that it was some sort of strange dungeon so we channeled that into the film. The location was great but on top of that we were in the middle of the woods in the middle of summer.

Poison ivy!

Yes, poison ivy and the insects. There was one moment where a snake fell on one of the crew members and if that wasn’t bad enough, you could tell that the snake had just eaten something. I think its hard to tell when your watching the movie that there are bugs swarming all around and the actors have to act like that’s not bothering them.

We filmed in a very remote house in the middle of the woods.

HNN- To go back to Kevin and Joel. I was surprised like, holy crap that is Kevin James and he is just bad but just living his life in this movie but it was so cool to see them playing these versatile characters.

That’s great to hear.

Its like your saying, its one of those things as filmmakers where you take a risk and your doing things that aren’t the norm and hopefully the risk pays off. We are excited for everyone else to see it.

HNN- Thank you both so much.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Becky IMBD www.imdb.com/title/tt10314450/

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