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Exclusive Interview with Sarah Harralson

Hey Sarah, welcome! To start off, tell our readers where you grew up?

Thanks for having me! I was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and when I was eight years old, I moved with my Mom to Knoxville, Tennessee and that is where I was raised.

Music can be a great healer for many people. What is the name of a track that warms your heart?

I agree! One of my favorite songs to play for patients in hospitals is, “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, because even when dark and bad things happen in our society, we know at the end of the day that it is, in fact, a wonderful world.

Was there anyone or anything in particular that pushed you to pursue music?

Yes, my Granddad. He played accordion in bluegrass bands and was always singing songs he wrote and knew around the house, and really took an interest in my own music. He passed away when I was in high school, and that is about the time I knew that I wanted to pursue music as a career and also extend his legacy.

Name one of your biggest inspirations in music?

I have always really loved The Dixie Chicks. They are known to be controversial, but they always tell it like it is in their music and they don’t hold back. I want to release music like that without being afraid of what some may think. I want to put out music that other people can relate to without having to hold back emotion in my lyrics.

You’ve played some awesome digital shows during quarantine. How did it feel doing shows online?

It was very strange at first. I had done live shows before, but not many, since I was so used to doing live shows at venues in front of an audience. So at first, it was weird, not having an audience and getting back into the sort of “live stream etiquette” that is different from in person shows. But after a few, I got used to it, and it has been fun to switch up the songs for people each live show. It is definitely the new normal right now.

The US music scene differs from city to city, what’s the music scene like in your town?

It definitely does! I live in Nashville, so there is live music pretty much everywhere you turn. Although we are known for country music, Nashville has really diversified in the past years, so you can also see musicians playing different genres of music in different parts of town. I always love getting out of Nashville to play gigs though, because then you can get a feel for what other towns are like without being known for the music.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on all social media platforms under Sarah Harralson. My website is, and you can also find my music on all listening and streaming platforms.

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