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Why ‘feathered ends’ is *the* hairstyle of quarantine (and you’re probably already rocking it)

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If you’re anything like me on your daily Zoom call, you’ll spend more time gawping in horror at your current (in my case abysmal) hairstyle than you do listening to your boss. With lockdown putting an end to our regular hair appointments, many of us have been left with severe roots, mis-matched hair hues and more split ends than we have over-ripe bananas.

Whilst we sit and dream of the hairstyle or hair colour we’ll plump for when this is behind us, there is actually one trend you might actually be rocking without even realising.

You heard it here first: We’re hailing ‘feathered ends’ (the fancy name for grown-out layers), the hairstyle of quarantine.

Reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston circa 2006, the look comprises grown out layers that move fluidly and require little styling; Selena Gomez and Emma Louise Connolly have also been embracing the look.

@selenagomez / Instagram

As Kevin Paul Finnell, Director of F&M Hairdressing, explains: “Grown out layers is something that many clients are living with at the moment due to salons closing their doors. However, it’s important to remember that this was once a trend made famous by the incredible Jennifer Anniston.”

Adam Jones at Live True London is a staunch fan of the style because, he says, it suits a wide range of female hairstyles. “On long bobs, it will add softness and texture to an otherwise blunt looking haircut and on long hair, it will add shape, texture and give the overall look a dishevelled, beach vibe.

“This style is great as you can use the hair’s natural texture. Grown out, wispy ends can be embraced in this look and really enhance the style. However, to ensure the overall look doesn’t look too messy, you need to up your at-home hair routine with high quality products so your ‘wispy’ ends aren’t breaking and growing into nothing.”

In fact, Luke Hersheson says this is often how his team cut hair at their salon, Hershesons. “Instead of a blocky, chunky finish, we try and create a more fluid and tapered end that lends itself to movement, wave and a feeling of being by the beach. It’s much easier to style while getting a great undone movement into the hair.

Luke’s best piece of advice if you’re rocking this hairstyle? “To embrace the fluidity of the hair as it’s actually a positive and not a reason to start cutting your own hair. Also, if you’re taking a break from blow drying etc, it all becomes a bit ‘feathered’.”

@emmalouiseconnolly / Instagram

He believes this trend is all about letting your hair do its own thing, which we are all for now we’ve become super lazy with our beauty and hairstyling regime.

“Styling your hair in an undone way or with a subtle wave to add movement will lend itself to getting this look far more than a full-on big blowout,” he said. “I often talk about this style as the ‘anti haircut’ and in a way, we are perfectly positioned in lockdown to embrace the undone, bed hair, grown out look. To style, I would use Almost Everything Cream to get a sheen and a separated texture on the hair and dry shampoo to encourage a lived-in texture with a bit of a ‘juzz’.”


If you’re rocking the look at home and want to spruce things up for a weekend Zoom quiz or virtual date (yes, they’re a thing), Sally-Kate Duboux, has shared her step-by-step guide…

  • Evenly spritz your freshly-washed hair with a sea salt spray; a personal favourite of mine is Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.
  • Section your hair into four giving yourself a centre parting and then again horizontally round the back of your head from ear to ear. Braid your hair and secure.
  • Gently pull at sections of all four plaits, you are wanting to create a loose, uneven 3D braid.
  • Dry your hair overnight by sleeping in the braids for a heat-free at-home hairstyle or alternatively use your hairdryer to ensure your hair is dry.
  • Use your GHD Straighteners to quickly run over your braids.
  • Use your fingers to run through your hair, this will give you a natural finish to your beachy waves and shifting your parting to the side will also add some natural volume framing your face further.
  • To add longevity to this easy style, the next day, lightly spritz your hair from mid-length to ends with water. This will reactive the product and by scrunching or repeating the process will aid in the health of your scalp’s natural oils being restored. If you suffer with greasy roots, add in some dry shampoo to give a fresh firm favourite in my kit is IGK Direct Flight.

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