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Squoval nails are the most universally flattering nail shape. Here’s why

You’re about to get stuck into a fancy at-home manicure. Step one, choose the shape. This can be a tricky one, especially if you’re not sure what the difference is between almond and oval and have never heard of stiletto or ballerina… Hmmm. Decisions.

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One style that’s a crowd-pleaser if you’re not sure, is squoval. It combines the neatness of a straight square shade, with the softness of an oval “the nail is predominately square with rounded edges,” explains Juanita Huber-Millet, founder of top London nail bar, TOWNHOUSE. Consider it the LBD of nail shape, it’s flattering, classic and goes with everything.

Here’s everything you need to know about the shape…

Why might people choose this nail shape over others?

“The squoval nail is a classic shape, it’s delicate and well suited to most people,” explains Juanita. “The shape is easy to do at home, and suits both light and dark nail polish colours.”

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All you’ll need for this are some nail clippers and a nail file. Keep your file to 240 grit to keep it soft and gentle.

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Does it make a difference if your nails are long/short?

“The squoval shape perfectly suits both long and shorter nails,” explains Juanita, which means it’ll grow out nicely if you start with shorter nails. Square and oval (or rounded) equally work well for short nails, while almond, stiletto and ballerina (or coffin) are better for longer nails.

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How would you file your nails into a squoval shape?

Most of the work should be done with your clippers, so use them to cut your nails to the length you’d like and give you the basic shape. Cut them straight across to create a squared-off shape, then “use your file to slightly round the corner, removing the sharpness,” advises Juanita. “Avoid doing a seesaw motion, and use long strokes instead. You can use your file to move your nail shape along the scale of square or oval, depending on what you prefer (the picture above leans towards the more oval side of the spectrum and below, it’s more square).

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