SohoJohnny Guests On Chance TV Hosted By Celebrity Interviewer Chance Spiessbach

Promoter/Producer/Recording Artist/Entrepreneur and Philanthropist SohoJohnny guests on Chance TV with world-renowned television host and celebrity interviewer Chance Spiessbach.

There is always a bright spot in his heart for those around him. Tragic times and distress call for humor and optimism…..Enter SohoJohnny, a human spirit who always sees the glass as half full and knows that even if it becomes empty he has the power to fill it up again. In the dark he sees the stars and in the rain he sees the rainbows…positivity is as contagious as the virus that threatens our existence as we know it …..

Promoter, producer, recording artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, SohoJohnny has carved an illustrious reputation for himself through the art of orchestrating massive disco and music extravaganzas in the name of benefaction, recently presenting the American Cancer Society with $25,000. He has also supported the Watts Conservatory of Music and other non-profits. He also does this in order to share his love for music with the world.

Chance Spiessbach is an Entertainment Journalist, Host and Television Personality. Endearing, witty, unarguably funny, Chance is one of the most industrious people in show business. Chance has won the hearts of millions from both the celebrities he interviews to the fans who eagerly await to view his coverage. Spiessbach is a force both on-and-off camera. He is a true result of hard work and determination and serves as inspiration to people.

He has successfully interviewed a vast roster ranging from Deepak Chopra to Kim Kardashian, to Ice T, and corporate titans like Dick Parsons. He managed to turn his gift for gab into one-on-one interactions with stars such as Sean Penn, Mel Gibson and Madonna. They enjoyed his interviews so much they literally had to be pulled away!

Manifesting his great entrepreneurial spirit, Chance created his own show Chance TV, where he can be seen on Hollywood’s most exclusive Events, Red Carpets, Green Rooms, Backstage and On-Set. Chance is a master interviewer and is just as comfortable one-on-one as he is in front of a room filled with A-Listers and influencers. With his incredible ability to move a crowd he was chosen to host the Georgio Gucci Gala honoring and marking the first time in over 25 years Mr.Gucci visited the US.
Chance is a unique, easy going and versatile interviewer who is comfortable in any situation he finds himself in. With celebrities he always finds a way to get them to open up since he realizes icons are people too and as Chance says “I interview the person not the celebrity.” The most memorable interview of his career, was interviewing Art Ford, Whitney Houston’s producer of 30 years and him receiving the text of Whitney Houston’s death. Chance was the last person to interview James Gandolfini before his passing.

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