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Celebrity Spotlight: Psychic Medium Anthony DiJoseph

Meet Anthony DiJoseph, Psychic Medium and Police Forensic consultant with over a decade of experience using his gift to help and heal. Anthony DiJoseph has used his gift in many avenues, including aiding law enforcement in solving cold cases to bringing resolve by giving messages to those he encounters from their loved ones.

Anthony DiJoseph began using his psychic medium gift at the tender age of 12, and after a life changing moment where he survived a near death experience at 17, he realized that his life’s purpose is to use what he has been given to help others.

Anthony DiJoseph works around the clock using his Mediumship to help as many people around the world as possible. He works with Palliative care and Hospice facilities and through his gift of Telepathy he relays messages from loved ones during their end of life care circumstances.

Anthony has also discreetly helped authorities by visiting crime scenes, abandoned buildings, and desolate locations without flinching, to help solve cases and get justice. He also uses his gift to raise money for organizations like the Cope Foundation and Joshua’s Eternal Journey.

Anthony having had worked in secrecy with law enforcement agencies is now able to shed his seclusion and reach out to the public….you will be hearing a lot more so stay tuned….

Anthony DiJoseph Interview on Kulture Hub:


Anthony DiJoseph Living Proof Video on Vimeo:


To book Anthony DiJoseph for a personal reading, case or an event please call (631) 858-0588

Follow Anthony DiJoseph on the web:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthonydijoseph

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/pg/Psychic.Medium.Anthony.DiJoseph/about/

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