God Bless the Queens by Gabe Lopez

Gabe Lopez is no stranger to success in the music industry with countless tours under his belt as an opening act, songs written for notable bands such as New Kids on the Block, and music in the top charts all over the US and UK. God Bless the Queens is certain to follow suit.

“Firestar” is the first track on the album and is reminiscent of OneRepublic with its synthesizer sounds, heavy and repeated piano riffs, and catchy melodies sung in a Ryan Tedder-esque vocal style. “Show them how you light up the night, cause you’re a firestar” is the inspiring mantra Gabe wants to instill in his listeners. “Karma Kamikaze” has a driving bass that stands out in the musically sparse verses but follows up with an explosive chorus. Energy is not lacking in any of the tracks, but “Lasso” will make you want to dance with its heavy electric guitar riffs and provocative lyrics. One thing about Gabe Lopez is that you don’t have to look far to see his passion for music; his songs are beaming with vigor.

After the eccentric interlude into “Carousel,” the vibe of God Bless the Queens becomes more laid back with an alternative style. The blend of harmonies on “California Blues” with featured artist Belinda Carlisle is captivating. “Phoenix” bends styles even more and portrays aspects of bands like The 1975 and Portugal The Man.

One of the best quirks of God Bless the Queens has to be Gabe’s tendency to spotlight a different instrument on each track. There is definitely variety when it comes to his musicality on this album, and it creates a fresh sound for each song that keeps listeners engaged and satisfied. Lyrically, this album is all about expressing confidence and accepting who you are, with glowing undertones of love and heartbreak. Even with the more emotionally driven songs, you still feel Gabe’s optimism radiating through.

God Bless the Queens is an album you’ll want to listen to on repeat in order to soak in its creativity and positivity. No matter what your musical preferences may be, Gabe Lopez is a breath of fresh air and definitely worth a listen.

Written by Aurora Keen

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