“Butcherville: Am Emmett Hardy Mystery” Now Available in Audiobook Format Worldwide


The residents of tiny Butcherville, Oklahoma, love their God-given freedoms so much, they refuse to hire their own police force. When they need a cop, they just call Emmett Hardy, police chief of Burr, the closest neighboring town.

Whether it’s to break up a fight, dissuade an angry good ol’ boy from hunting rabbits with an M-16, or eject an unruly patron from Butcherville’s combination strip joint and bookstore, Emmett’s always glad to oblige…that is, until a local business owner’s lust for money and power results in a deadly shootout and multiple kidnappings.

Suddenly, Emmett’s good intentions are fraught with dangerous consequences. Besieged by friend and foe alike and sabotaged by a fondness for drink that’s starting to affect his work, Emmett is the last man standing between a community of honest people trying to do their best with what little they have, and an evil that threatens not only their jobs and homes, but their very lives.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Butcherville: An Emmett Hardy Mystery” written by author Chris Kelsey and narrated by Doug Greene. Download your copy on Audible today:

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