AV Super Sunshine drops new Single “Crazy Love”

Existing fans of AV Super Sunshine will, without question, flock to his latest single release “Crazy Love” and appreciate what this talented musician, vocalist, and songwriter accomplishes in its two distinct mixes. The slightly off kilter “cover” accompanying the single release is a bit misleading about the song’s contents; there’s no psychedelic stylistic exercise underlying either mix. Instead, the rock and dance mixes for this song embrace the fundamentals of each style while stamping a well-defined individuality on both performances that makes it impossible for listeners to mistake the performances for anyone else. Newcomers to AV Super Sunshine will find “Crazy Love” is an excellent introduction to his talents; there isn’t a perceptible lull in his presentation. Michael Bradford’s five star production highlights the merits in each mix and frames Sunshine’s talents in the best possible manner.



Bradford’s effect on the single is more obvious in the dance mix. His attention to detail and the instrumental balance he achieves help make that mix successful. There’s an abundance of synthesizers and heavy bass laced throughout the track but Bradford never allows a single element to dominate the track at the expense of others. Bradford threads the individual components of the performance into an impressive whole that physically engages listeners and can’t be ignored. The aforementioned bass pulse thumping deep within the mix will play ideal in a club environment and the synthesizers defy cliché by latching onto a warm, inviting sound rather than succumbing to the expected sterile signature of electronic instruments. It is longer than the rock/pop mix of this song, but never tests your patience.


That mix doesn’t even run four minutes in length but makes quite an impact. This version of the song takes things at a slower clip despite its duration, but the guitar riff gives the song a bounce that nevertheless has the single percolating from the first. The song has an accumulating effect; it doesn’t show all its cards at once but, when all the instruments are in play, it possess power you don’t hear in the dance mix while remaining restrained and artful all the while.

His singing and the harmony vocals accompanying his performance will grab your attention. You hear his voice in a way the dance mix does not allow and the interplay between him and the scattered harmony vocals comes together quite well. He has confident phrasing throughout the entirety of track and his commitment to the material is never beyond doubt; despite the fact he is tackling a familiar subject in the annals of popular song, Sunshine takes on the song like he is the first person to ever sing about the phenomena of “crazy love”.

It has an entertaining slant in both versions that is impossible to deny. It is an unique attribute of Sunshine’s work that he effortlessly combines entertainment and solid musical statements in everything he touches and his songwriting has the high quality needed for the composition to hold up under repeated listens. “Crazy Love” is one of his finest singles yet.

Troy Johnsyon

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