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On Peace Street, Vol. One, by Various Artists

Scattered around and in-between the 19-track album, On Peace Street, Vol. One, by Various Artists (via BWH Music Group) are some of indie music’s most celebrated singer songwriters on the planet. At the core of this collection are themes of love, freedom, rights, recovering from sexual or emotional trauma and in general, humanity.

Polished and presented in a way that feels fresh, without losing the real juicy parts, BWH Music Group mixes these songs to make them all “radio ready.” Certainly all of these songs are Spotify and musical library ready for fans of The Wallflowers, British pop rock, Charlie Parr (eclectic folk), Wilco and even Norah Jones. Rather than go into each track individually in this review, the standout artists proved to be The Reverent, Sylvie’s Songs Featuring Amanda Sullivan (this song is gorgeous), Old Brave Souls, KatieBeth (country – think in the realm of a female Eric Church) and Lakotah (her song is one of the more rock n roll tunes). These tracks from the get-go all had elements of surprise, genuine attention to interesting musical layering and thoughtful messages. The Reverent, especially, have this engaging music bed. Yes, it’s the first track, but it’s also the first glimpse the album provides.

Special note should be given to “Rise” by Nicki Kris and the last track, “Don’t Worry” by Jamie Lynn Vessels. “Rise” is a powerful song inspired by the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Regardless of political parties or biases, this song felt like a warm embrace. One line that I loved from Vessels’ “Don’t Worry” is when she sings “struggle is just the passing of time.” Those words seemed to linger in me for days.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/7k7TpxPRUglZ5W05rWtIvM?si=63fbygw7S4aeoWOYT49GBA

Perhaps that’s the joy of this album – the way the words and music stays with you. Sometimes you might not be in the mood for an uplifting song with simplicity (“One” from Fareed El Boricua Arabe is a great example of this), and other days you feel the need for “We Shall Overcome” by Nashville’s Chakra Bleu. Regardless, there’s something for everyone on this album. That’s the point.

On Peace Street, Vol. One, by Various Artists track listing:

  1. “I Wish I Was Wrong” by The Reverent
  2. “Love Is Everywhere” by Stacy Jones
  3. “Beautiful Heart” by Kala Farnham
  4. “Pretty Words” by Sylvie’s Songs Featuring Amanda Sullivan
  5. “Rise” by Nicki Kris
  6. “Our Little War” by Old Brave Souls
  7. “We Shall Overcome” by Chakra Bleu
  8. “Who Will Stop The Nuclear Clock?” by Leonie Gray Featuring Matthew J. Bonjiorno
  9. “All That Matters” by KatieBeth
  10. “Soldier’s Song (4th Street Version)” by Lakotah
  11. “Karma” by Emily Cole
  12. “One” by Fareed El Boricua Arabe
  13. “Duenos de Aqui” by Laban
  14. “Give Your Life” by Coast 2 Coast Featuring The Fantastic Gems
  15. “Humanity” by Radio Drive
  16. “Song For Peace” by Peter Unger
  17. “The Color Of” by RW Roldan
  18. “United (To Save The World)” by Kate Magdalena
  19. “Don’t Worry” by Jamie Lynn Vessels

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