NEEDS – The New Comedy Series. You Need to Watch!

The series tries to find the answer to the question in the minds of countless motivational speakers, mediocre Vloggers, and desperate subscribers-

What do millenials need to be happy?!

With the use of stories, songs, and fake commercials, this series attempts to shed light on the unexplainable; the existential crises young people go through every day. The diverse background of the show’s creators offers a fresh perspective and a hilarious outsider’s take on modern American culture.

What’s the series about?

Fresh off the boat from the middle east, the Mash sisters begin a quest for happiness and self fulfilment in a world that makes less sense by the day – Millennial America.

Following OR(29) and OPHIR(24), we see firsthand the highs and lows of life lived in nonsensical times. New to America, the sisters come up against the human NEEDS of a confusing new world. Sadly, they find there’s no autocorrect to life’s problems.

Or is a big hearted irresponsible child, who has trouble to commit while Ophir, on the other hand, is her well planned, always on the safe side, overly serious younger sister. The two very different characters convey the struggles that we all go through every day, laughs about it, and provides comfort – that at least we’re not alone. Episode by episode, each step of the way brings them from one absurd scenario to the next.

Directed by Natalia Montecinos, an award winning Director known for her previous films Voiceless and Home, this series presents a first insight of how her visuals communicate with comedy. Featuring Stand up comedian Or Mash, and the comedy actress Offir Mash. Originally from Chile and Israel, the three created the show, having their personal experiences coming to America in mind.

Where can you find it?
The series will be broadcasting on IGtv and YouTube. Subscribe to Needs comedy on YouTube or follow @Mashsisters on Instagram!
Youtube:​ Needs Comedy
IG: ​@MashSisters
IMDB: Needs T​ V-Mini series
Youtube link:

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