$200 Evil Dead Fan Film Will Blow You Away!

When you think about a fan film, you expect to see something that a younger person shot on their parent’s camera in their backyard with whatever props they could muster up. But lately, the fan film has become a way to find new filmmakers, and continue franchises unofficially – see the Friday the 13th fan film NEVER HIKE ALONE for proof 

The newest fan film to make waves is DEAD BY DAWN: An Evil Dead Story, which was produced by the folks at the Oddest of the Odd YouTube channel for $200. 

Written and directed in one night, this short film captures all of the visceral gory realness of the remake while still maintaining the over the top quality of the original. Check out all of the amazing content on their YouTube Channel and check out DEAD BY DAWN: An Evil Dead Story, right here. 

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