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T.I. Tells Wife Tiny She Can’t Ration Out Sex: Your Body Is ‘Half Mine’ — Listen

In his latest podcast, T.I. tells wife Tiny that part of being married means half of her body — including her lady bits — belongs to him and that she’s not allowed to ‘ration out sex.’

If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while T.I., 39, and Tiny Harris, 44, talk about their views on marital sex, today is your lucky day! Mrs. Harris appeared on Tip’s ExpediTIously podcast on Oct. 22 and the two talked about the importance of sex in marriage and Tip thinks that once a couple says “I do,” that means sex is in the contract. Tiny agrees that it’s important for a woman to keep her husband pleased. “So sex is important? (in marriage),” Tip asks his wife who responds, “Yeah, sex is very important. I’m not saying that the woman that marries down don’t do nothing cause she still run it. She still like the breadwinner. She still may come home and cook for you. Give you sex and do everything.”

T.I. is a bit incredulous with the end her thought, as he asks, “Give you sex? What do you mean? Give you sex? Man, that’s in the contract. Man,” and Tiny clarifies, “Make sure you are pleased.” Then Tip gets very direct, telling his wife, “I don’t give you nothing. See, you can’t be rationing out stuff, talking about what you’re going to give nobody because what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. That means that little thing you got, that little sex box you got is half mine. So you pick which side you want, and that’s yours. The rest of it is mine. We can split it right down the middle of the…What do they call it? The, the, the, is it the, ‘Uvula’?

“Wait, wait, What?” a shocked Tiny asks and her husband tells her, “The ‘Uvula. What I’m saying is it’s half mine. And my half is on the inside….” Tip is a little confused about women’s sexual organs because a uvula is soft tissue that hangs down the back of your throat to prevent foods and liquids from going up your nose. He likely meant the vulva, which is a female’s external sexual genitalia.

Well, at least Tip is completely committed to his marriage to Tiny now, despite some rocky times including when she filed for divorce in Dec. of 2016. The pair has been together for 18 years, and married for nine of them. T.I. said elsewhere in the podcast that, “I can tell everyone how great it’s been to spend the last 9 years with such a tolerant woman. I will say she is very tolerant. Not very patient — but she is very tolerant, and accepting of who I am within my transition.”

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