‘Joker’ is Officially Now the Highest Grossing Rated “R” Movie in History

If we’re not adjusting any past numbers for inflation, WB/DC’s Joaquin Phoenix-starring Joker can officially boast that it’s the highest grossing rated “R” movie in the history of cinema, besting Deadpool 2‘s $785 million worldwide take with a $788.1 million global haul to date. As THR notes, it’s possible the film could even reach $1 billion by the end of its run.

The Todd Phillips-directed film’s production budget was somewhere between $55-70 million, making Joker a massively profitable win for WB. Their outside-the-box, lower-budget approach to bringing an iconic comic book villain back to the big screen was nothing short of a stroke of genius. Here’s hoping the studios learn the *right* lessons from the film’s success.

Now on its way to passing the $800 million mark this weekend, Joker could next be looking at Academy Awards recognition. The little comic book movie that could, eh?

Ryan Reynolds congratulated the film over on Twitter today like only Reynolds can…

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