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‘This Is Us’ Recap: Kevin & Cassidy Grow Closer & Randall Meets Malik

The Oct. 15 episode of ‘This Is Us’ featured Beth’s studio opening. Randall had a heart-to-heart with Carol and he met Malik for the first time. Plus, Kevin and Cassidy spent the day together

Kate and Toby decide to take Jack to the music class for the first time during the Oct. 15 episode of This Is Us. Kate thinks it’ll be good for Jack. When they arrive, their experience is not a great one and both Kate and Toby leave disappointed. Meanwhile, Kevin learns The Manny has been cancelled and he reflects on the past, including the moment he didn’t want the show to go to series. At the time, Kevin wasn’t so sure acting was something he was truly passionate about.

Randall and Beth are gearing up for the opening of Beth’s dance studio. Beth’s mom comes to support her daughter and Randall tells her to remember how much pressure Beth is under. They don’t need to cause any unnecessary drama. But the drama comes in the form of an opossum in the studio. As the Pearsons prepare and work to get rid of the animal, Randall meets Malik for the first time. Malik doesn’t hide the fact that he has a daughter and Randall is caught off guard, to say the least. Randall also snaps at Beth’s mom but he quickly apologizes.

Cassidy is trying to go to an AA meeting but the time on the website was wrong. Cassidy is very upset and needs a meeting after her husband says he wants to proceed with the divorce. Kevin, along with Nicky, agrees to help Cassidy pass the time until the next meeting. Kevin takes them trailer shopping with him. He’s hoping to get Nicky out of that dump. As the day goes by, Kevin grows on Cassidy. She knows she’s been too hard on him.

Later, Nicky opens up to Kevin and Cassidy about writing letters to a woman during the war. After he was released to the hospital, he took a risk and went to the girl’s house. She wasn’t home and Nicky didn’t wait for her. When Kevin asks Cassidy whether or not she wants to save her marriage, she says yes. He agrees to help her do just that. In the end, Kevin doesn’t buy Nicky a new trailer. He buys himself one and parks it right next to Nicky’s trailer.

Beth’s studio opening is a success and it gives Randall and Beth’s mom a chance to talk. Randall is still under the impression that Beth’s mom has never liked him. Carol admits that she didn’t think Randall was right for Beth. “I was wrong,” she tells him. Meanwhile, Kate and Toby shrug off music class by taking a trip to the beach with baby Jack.

In the past, Rebecca heads off to see Randall at college while Kate stays home. Kate ends up at the record store and meets a boy, played by Austin Abrams. He offers her a job at the store. While Rebecca’s at lunch with Randall, she catches him staring at Beth. Rebecca gets up and walks over to Beth and Carol to introduce herself. When Randall and Beth step away, Carol and Rebecca bond over having lost their husbands. Carol later tells Beth that Randall and his family are still “broken” over Jack’s death. “You don’t need broken right now,” she says. Despite what her mother says, Beth refuses to stop seeing Randall. They share their first kiss! When Rebecca returns home, she listens to a message from Kevin, who is in New York. He’s got an audition and he’s married to Sophie!

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