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Nicole Scherzinger’s Trainer Shares The Top 5 Exercises You Can Do To Get A Toned Body

It’s no secret that Nicole Scherzinger has one of the most insane figures ever & it’s all thanks to her trainer, Paolo Mascitti, who spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the top 5 workouts that will get you toned.

Now that the fall season is upon us, it’s becoming harder to get motivated and hit the gym, especially with the colder weather. Who better to get us motivated than singer Nicole Scherzinger, 41, who has an unbelievably toned body. Nicole’s trainer, Paolo Mascitti, spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the top five exercises you can do at home or at the gym, so you can get a toned body just like Nicole’s.

Paolo shared the top five workouts, explaining, “Sometimes when we train, especially nowadays with the influence of social media, we try to get too fancy. I always rely on the basics to help me shape my clients’ bodies. My favorites are compound movements. Compound exercises use multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously for a multitude of benefits. They raise the heart rate to provide a cardiovascular benefit, burn more calories than isolation moves, and can help improve the balance and coordination of your body.”

Since Paolo thinks it’s important not to get too fancy and to just stick with classic moves, you may already know his top five exercises, which are:
“1. Squat with overhead press
2. Barbell hip thrust
3. Dumbbell walking lunges
4. Pull-ups
5. Push-ups”

When it comes to actual workout routines, Paolo admitted, “As everyone is different, there are a lot of variables I have to consider before I choose a workout routine. For example, if you are trying to lose weight or stay lean I recommend performing HIIT training. HIIT workouts typically burn more calories in less time than most other cardio routines and due to the higher intensity. Your muscles shift into excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and during this period, your body burns additional calories at a higher rate to repair your muscles. This recovery keeps your metabolism boosted for hours after training.”

As for how often you should workout to see results, Paolo admitted, “I would say at least two to three times per week but really it depends on what you are trying to achieve. Everyone has a mix of strengths and weaknesses so everyone responds differently to various types of exercise combinations. Again, I love HIIT training but like everything else, it is not suitable for everyone, but on average I would say three times per week.” If you’re looking for some ways to get motivated to hit the gym, Paolo shared, “I always set a new goal for myself and I tell my clients to do the same. Set short term and long term challenges and always remember why you started.”

If you’re heading on a vacation, Paolo shared his top workouts that are easy and efficient while you’re traveling. “Whether you want to keep in shape, get leaner, lose some weight or get stronger, working out with just your body is an awesome, viable option. Here is an example of an easy-to-follow routine,” Paolo said.

“15 bodyweight squats
12 burpees
8-12 push-ups (use your knees if you have to)
20-30-second bicycle kicks
12 lunges per leg
16 jumping lunges
15-30 second plank
No rest between exercises, 1-minute rest between sets, repeat for 5 rounds.”

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