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90 Day Fiance The Other Way Tell All Sneak Peek: Evelin “Forgets” Her Ring

The first season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way comes to a close, but no season is complete without a Tell All special.

We already know that the Tell All is especially nasty for Corey and Evelin after Corey is shown a video that shakes him to his core.

Now we know that they were already off to a rocky start, as Evelin “forgets” her engagement ring and then body-shames Corey.

Corey Rathgeber lists to-do list Tell All

So, Jihoon and Tom were reportedly the only 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars from other countries who could attend the Tell All filming.

Evelin, in particular, allegedly overstayed a tourist visa at one point, so it appears that she cannot return to the US for some time.

The Engabao, Ecuardor native instead phoned in her appearance on the show via a live video chat, along with some other fiancees.

Shaun Robinson, the delightful Tell All host with whom we are all familiar, sits with Corey with an illusion of privacy as Evelin chats with them.

Meanwhile, a group of other stars watch from a separate room backstage.

Evelin and Corey, Guayas Provencial tourism board pic

“Congratulations on your engagement!” Shaun says merrily, even though she must know full well the bombshell producers are going to drop.

Corey thanks her, and she asks when the wedding will be.

This is when Corey admits that the actual wedding is still in the planning stages.

Corey shares that the date will be “within the next six months.”

It turns out that this timeline is partially set by his extended tourist visa (which may be the result of him and Evelin being featured in tourist ads).

The visa is extended, but it’s not indefinite, so they’ll need to tie the knot or he’ll have to go home.

Evelin Villegas: things need to be figured out

“So Evelin, within six months, you and Corey are going to be husband and wife,” Shaun asks.

“I hope. I don’t know, I just don’t know,” Evelin admits.

She asks: “Like how are we supposed to plan our wedding and things that needed to be figured out in such a short time?”

“And I know you’ve asked me to learn Spanish,” Corey states.

He explains: “She’s asked me to talk with her family and immerse myself in the culture more.”

Evelin Villegas: it's because he's got a lot of weight on

“And she says I need to put on more muscle like I need to look more attractive,” Corey acknowledges.

He states: “I need a six-pack and then we can get married.”

Evelin chimes in by laughing, saying: “Yeah, it’s because he got a lot of weight on.”

She then accuses that “he started nothing” in terms of losing weight, and that the clock is ticking on that.

Folks, we realize that it’s not uncommon for soon-to-be married people to work on weight loss before a wedding.

But that should always be a personal choice, not the result of pressure from anyone else — including your fiancee.

Evelin Villegas wearing no ring Tell All

After Corey explains his visa sitch, Shaun asks Evelin to hold up her hands for the camera.

“Are you wearing your engagement ring?” Shaun asks, already knowing the answer because it’s right there on the screen.

Evelin laughs and says: “I forgot.”

“Seriously, Evelin?” Corey asks. “Are you kidding me?”

“I forgot, I completely forgot,” Evelin says apologetically. This is … not going to win her any points.

But, as we’ve reported, it’s certainly not the worst part of the Tell All for her and Corey’s relationship.

In the mean time, Jenny has some very funny commentary about Evelin and her engagement ring.

“If Sumit put a ring on this finger, it would never come off,” Jenny states adamantly from backstage.

“Not ever. I would superglue that thing to my finger,” she vows. “And it would never come off.”

Well, Jenny and Evelin are very different people at very different places in their lives.

Check out the Tell All on Monday night and watch the drama go down!

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