Horrifying Tales of Watching Sex Scenes With Our Parents

One of the most pure domestic traditions is gathering the kids around the television for family movie night… until things on screen get very unpure. We all have stories of awkward situations from our childhoods where we were trapped in a room with our parents while watching a show or movie where people were doin’ it, and they still give us the shivers.

As part of TV Guide’s Sex Ed Week, we asked our staff to dig deep into their repressed memories and unearth those moments where sexy time collided with family time, and not to toot our own horns, but the responses are hilarious.

Take a story from Associate Editor Megan Vick, for example. She had the misfortune of watching Brokeback Mountain with her mom, and when they discussed the movie with a family friend over dinner, Megan let slip that she knew a lot more about sex than anyone else thought in the most inappropriate way. (Once you hear what she said over dinner, you’ll understand why Megan’s mother had to leave the room and why her mother’s friend never returned to the house again.)

Let’s Talk About TV’s Evolving, Complicated Relationship With Sex

Meanwhile, Senior Video Producer Michael Caso was likely the envy of his elementary school classmates when he got to watch Kim Basinger‘s steamy sex scenes in the seminal erotic thriller 9 1/2 Weeks, but there was a catch: His mom was right beside him and was the one who chose the film. What was she thinking, letting a 7-year-old watch one of the steamiest movies of the decade? In the video, Michael calls her on the phone to find out.

We’ve got more stories in the video above, so take a look and cringe with us.

This week, TV Guide is exploring television’s relationship with sex, puberty, and everything in between. As part of Sex Ed Week, we’re examining the underrated importance of MTV’s Undressed, why Sex Education filters raunchy teenage life through a candy-coated aesthetic,how intimacy coordinators are changing the industry, and more. You can check out all our Sex Ed Week content here.

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