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Aaron Carter’s Mom Disses Him On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’: ‘You Weren’t A Justin Bieber’

Aaron Carter claims he paved the way for Justin Bieber, but evidenced by the Oct. 11 premiere of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’, his mom doesn’t seem to agree.

Aaron Carter, 31, freaked out during the season premiere of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition on Oct. 11, when his mom joked that while he’s certainly a hard worker, he’s no Justin Bieber. Aaron and and his mom, Jane, joined the show to work on their many issues — especially when it comes to how she and his dad raised him and referred to him as their “cash cow”. During the first episode of the season, Aaron explained, “I was doing tour after tour after tour after tour”, but his mom disagreed. “I don’t think it was that much … you weren’t a Justin Bieber,” she quipped. Ouch!

And that’s when Aaron fired back, “Thank you, that means a lot … I’m no Justin Bieber, I’m a piece of s***.” But she quickly defended herself and said, “I’m not saying it like that. I didn’t mean it like that.” He then continued, “I paved the way for that kid,” before she backed down and added, “I know you did. I know you did.” Aaron claimed that Justin “copied” his hairstyle, and his mom said he “copied everything about” Aaron. “Are you kidding?” he asked. “No, you know what — I am not Justin Bieber. I’m Aaron Carter.”

While they finally seemed to be on the same page, things escalated just a few hours later. During their first night in the house, Jane expressed interest in wanting to leave and Aaron said she was being “selfish” for saying so. He also claimed that she refuses to take responsibility for anything that she’s done, yet she believes she’s completely innocent. “Your truths aren’t true,” she said. “You tend to exaggerate”. And that infuriated him even more. He said, “You’re right. I made all the mistakes. It was all my fault. I made no money. I’m a crackhead. I’m a meth-head. I’m no Justin Bieber…” Then, she cut him off and stormed out of the room. “I’m outta here,” she yelled before slamming her microphone down and walking out.

Want more drama? New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition air Fridays at 10pm on WE tv.

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