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Nick Cannon Explains Why He Would Re-Marry Mariah Carey Despite Not Wanting To Wed Again

While Nick Cannon would re-marry ex-wife Mariah Carey, he said that fans didn’t exactly understand his point. He explained in a new interview that his comment was actually more complex than that.

Nick Cannon‘s fans were shocked when he said on the September 23 episode of T.I.’s podcast ExpediTIously with Tip T.I. Harris that he’d happily jump back into his marriage to Mariah Carey. Obviously, he was asked about that curious confession during his appearance on the October 11 episode of Ellen. The Masked Singer host, 39, clarified what he actually said about marriage. He loves Mariah, 49, as a co-parent and an important person in his life, but he’s in no way pining for his ex-wife, whom he divorced in 2016. “Honestly, I said I would probably never get married again because I’m still working on myself and trying to become a better man. That’s what I said,” Nick explained. “But if I had to, I already know what that’s like; I would go back home first before I had to do it again.”

“You know Mariah, she’s fine and happy,” he continued. “We have an amazing co-parenting relationship [and] our kids are so happy. It’s calm waters — let’s just keep it that way. Keep it calm.” It’s true what he said about their co-parenting relationship. Though they’re no longer married, Nick and Mariah are frequently seen together with their eight-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe Cameron, as a family. Ellen DeGeneres’ fill-in host on the episode, tWitch, shared a sweet photo of Nick, Mariah, the kids, and Nick’s mom happily hanging out together as evidence. Just this past May, Mariah and Nick threw a massive birthday party for the kids complete with a mini red carpet, and clearly had a blast.

“I think I’ll never be able to be with just one woman again. I did it in marriage, I was very faithful in my marriage. The reason why we split up had nothing to do with infidelity, nothing like that,” Nick told T.I. during the podcast appearance. Nick and Mariah married in 2008, and had their twins, Moroccan and Monroe Cameron, in 2011. The couple filed for divorce in 2014; it was finalized in 2016. “I gave it my all. Because even before that, I was like, ‘I don’t believe in marriage.’ But, sh*t, it was Mariah Carey. Whatever she say, I’m with it. If she wanted to say we was going to the moon, I’m like, ‘Let’s go.’ If I’mma marry somebody, I’mma marry her.”

Not only did he say that he would re-marry Mariah in the podcast interview with T.I., but he confessed that he wanted to fight Eminem after he dropped his track “Bagpipes From Baghdad” in 2009! Eminem, who says he once dated Mariah, rapped in the song, “Mariah whatever happened to us / Why did we ever have to break up?”, and later, “Nick Cannon better back the fu*k up / I’m not playin’, I want her back, you punk.” Nick and Mariah were still newlyweds at this point. He revealed that he wrote Eminem a respectful, man-to-man letter telling him that he’s a huge fan, but he couldn’t diss his wife. That didn’t get a response, Nick told T.I., saying, “Whatever happens when [we’re] face to face, happens.”

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