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I tried an acupressure aromaesthetic facial before my wedding and it gave me the best bridal glow

Dermal Health Aromaesthetic Facial, Harley Street

The Hype
The Aromaesthetic Facial is said to pack a secret punch, it combines a relaxing tailored aromatherapy blend and acupressuremassage alongside a dermapen which is used for anti ageing. This facial promises to improve your overall skin complexion, fine lines, hydration and texture- sign me up!

How it Works
So, what is a Dermapen I hear you ask? It is an electronic device that creates thousands of channels using a sterile disposable needle head. These channels allow key ingredients from the facial to be penetrated much deeper into the layers of your skin.

This controlled injury to existing collagen fibres causes them to regenerate, stimulating new collagen and elastin, which in turn results in an improved texture and youthful glow. The Dermapen is really versatile for a number of skin concerns whether it be ageing, scarring, stretch marks or cellulite.

The Reviewer
Camilla Wilmot-Smith, GLAMOUR UK Senior Advertising Manager

Beauty Bio
I have always had dry and dehydrated skin, no matter how much moisturiser I lather on. It does not help that I am starting to notice the early ageing signs of all the sun damage I have done in my 20s.

I would much rather prevent these fine lines naturally than turn to more invasive Botox solutions so was really keen to try this treatment to see for myself if these alternative treatments actually work.

My Review
I met with Dr Una at her Dermal Health clinic on Harley Street. To begin, she conducted a detailed assessment on me asking me questions about my skincare regime and lifestyle. She then asked me to drink a small (but potent!) shot of water with a couple of drops of helachrysium oil. This is said to have regenerative and energy boosting benefits, I was really interested in this holistic approach.

The treatment began with an aromatherapy blend facial massage, this was incredibly relaxing and suddenly all thoughts of wedding planning completely disappeared.

I was encapsulated by strong scents of turmeric which is said to have anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. She then performed an acupressure massage and Una reached stress points in my head that I didn’t even knew existed, it was absolute bliss!

She then got to work on my face using the Demapen. To start with, she massaged numbing cream into my skin to reduce any pain of the treatment. On the whole it was pain-free, the only areas that were more sensitive were my temples and forehead – essentially these spots with thinner skin.

After the treatment, my skin felt really warm as if I had sunburn. My skin was noticeably red however this subsided within a few hours and it was completely gone when I woke up the next morning so I slept right through the healing!

The verdict
I can confirm, this treatment did pack a secret punch but in all the right ways.

It was 90mins of pure relaxation, the holistic aromatherapy massage transported me to pure levels of tranquility yet when paired with the Dermapen it meant I could see noticeable results in a short space of time. My skin was incredibly glowy, I would recommend this to any bride to have a week prior to your wedding or anyone looking for more natural anti ageing solutions.

The Aromaesthetic Facial is £195 at Dermal Health clinic, Harley Street. Find out more at [link url=”” no follow=”true”][/link]

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