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Emily Simpson and Tamra Judge FEUD After Tamra Calls Her “Obese!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson is dealing with more than just divorce rumors about Shane, her terrible husband.

She is unhappy with her recent weight gain, and Tamra Judge offered her some coaching and advice … and referred to her as obese.

Now, Tamra is blowing up at Emily, calling her ungrateful and claiming that she always wants to play the victim. What?

RHOC Emily vs Tamra "obese" 01

On this week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, Emily Simpson had a very nervous moment.

After encouragement from Tamra Judge and her husband, Eddie, she stepped on a scale for the first time in at least eight months.

See, Emily spoke about how she had been overeating and was gaining weight as a result.

She figured, well, who better than fitness fanatic Tamra to walk her through the first steps of regaining control of her meatsuit?

Unfortunately, that may have been the wrong call.

RHOC Emily vs Tamra "obese" 02

Tamra, whose body is so fit that new castmate Braunwyn is driven to distraction just thinking about her, has her own studio, CUT Fitness.

There, Emily stepped onto a sophisticated scale that printed out a report — much more than simply her weight.

It measured how much was muscle mass versus how much was fat, sparing Emily from having to know her total weight.

The result was that her percentage of body fat is 34%.

According to Tamra and Eddie, that makes her not just a little heavier than before, but obese.

RHOC Emily vs Tamra "obese" 03

Fans did not like hearing that at all, and took to social media to make themselves known.

“Emily is NOT obese at 34% body fat,” one fan wrote. “Shame on Tamra and Eddie!!!”

For a woman of Emily’s age, even the junk science of BMI considers her healthy if her body fat is between 23% and 35%.

That goes for any woman between the ages of 41 and 61, by the way.

Emily simply replied “thank you” to the fan who pointed that out … which really set off Tamra.

RHOC Emily vs Tamra "obese" 04

“You are unbelievable,” Tamra furiously accused after Emily thanked the fan.

“We try to help you,” she points out, speaking of her and Eddie.

Tamra then blasts Emily, writing: “and I’ve seen multiple tweet of yours that are not nice “

For the record, neither fans nor Emily herself seem to know to what she refers.

But Tamra was not done.

RHOC Emily vs Tamra "obese" 05

“Eddie spent over an hour with you talking health and nutrition,” Tamra writes.

That’s very nice of him.

Tamra then exclaims: “No one made you get on the scale!”

“You love playing victim,” Tamra declares. “And it’s getting old!!!”

Wait, what? Anybody else feel like they’re missing something? Because Emily feels that way, too.

RHOC Emily vs Tamra "obese" 06

“I simply said “thank you” to someone who said I wasn’t ‘obese,'” Emily wrote back.

“That’s all,” she pointed out.

“If you want to read more into that,” Emily stated. “That’s on you.”

But Tamra wasn’t going to let that go unchallenged, and fired off: “That’s not All you’ve said!”

No one but Tamra seems to have idea what she means.

There are two weight loss secrets that really, truly work.

And fortunately, Emily already has one of them.

She may not have the genetic predisposition to be slender, but she has the next best thing: she’s rich!

Our guess is that Emily’s recent overeating may be fueled by the verbal cruelty by Shane, which is being televised to millions.

If you saw the love of your life gleefully laugh about how little he misses you before a massive audience, you might eat a little more to cope, too.

But Emily’s affluent lifestyle will allow her to have the time and money to shed pounds in ways that are not realistic for most Americans.

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