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Cody Simpson Wants To Be Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend: Here’s Why They’re Actually A Great Match

Although Cody Simpson is just casually dating Miley Cyrus, he’s eyeing the ‘boyfriend’ title ‘down the line.’ Even Miley’s family ‘totally supports’ this new romance, and for good reason.

The future is uncertain for Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus’ budding romance. But Cody, 22, is hoping that it’ll lean towards something more serious rather than casual, we’re hearing! “Cody and Miley are taking things slow but he would like to be Miley’s boyfriend down the line, so he wants to impress her. He finds joy in doing that and he will gladly help her out in any way while she’s sick,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. Cody used his talents on the guitar to comfort the “Slide Away” singer, 26, amid her hospitalization for tonsillitis on Oct. 7, but the nursing didn’t end there!

“They are in constant contact and he is scoring points with her, sending her funny texts and messages that is helping her feel better,” our source continues. But the Aussie heartthrob made himself helpful even before Miley checked into the hospital! “Cody has totally been there for Miley since she got sick. When she was at home, he came over and brought her a huge care package,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “Cody is very thoughtful, he brought her soup and fresh green juice and a bunch of natural stuff for colds like Echinacea. She ended up having a bad case of tonsillitis, she was beyond the natural remedy stage. But he really scored major points with her and her family, they appreciated that he was there for her too.”

Cody is “just beyond sweet to Miley” in general, our second source adds, who notes that “he’s a very positive and uplifting person and that’s never a bad thing.” The sudden romance surprised many fans, since Miley had just reportedly split from Kaitlynn Carter, 31, at the end of Sept. 2019, after her split from estranged husband Liam Hemsworth, 29, was also announced on Aug. 10! But Miley’s friendship with Cody can actually be traced to 2014. “It may seem like she’s moving too fast, since she really hasn’t been single long, but spending time with Cody makes her happy and that’s all that really matters,” our second insider adds. Even the Cyrus family is on-board. “Miley’s family totally supports this romance, wherever it leads, because it’s very clear that Cody cares about Miley and she cares about him,” the source continues. But the friends-turned-lovers share more than a mutual respect for one another!

“And to be honest he [Cody] is actually a great match for her [Miley],” the second insider EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “They have such a strong connection because of music, being able to share that is very special, it’s sort of a separate language. And they’ve been friends for years, she knows him well and can trust him. Of course they’re both so young still, with very big lives, so who knows how long it will last but right now it’s very much on and her family’s all for it.”

Cody and Miley’s romance first entered the public’s radar when their makeout session at Backyard Bowls in Los Angeles was filmed on Oct. 3! Cody even went on to pen a romantic poem about “making love,” which he shared to his poetry account, @princeneptunepoet, on Oct. 7. Clearly, Cody has a muse in his life!

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