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BTS Fans Swoon Over Jungkook’s Hair and Tattoos In Post Workout Selfie — See Pic

Jungkook popped up on Twitter to just casually give ARMYs heart attacks by posting an after-gym selfie that showed off his new, long hair. Try not to swoon too hard when you see this pic!

That hair! Jungkook of BTS made his fans’ days by posting an adorable pic on the band’s Twitter page that showed exactly what he looks like after busting his butt at the gym. Spoiler alert: the answer is HOT. Jeon, 22, graced the internet with a good old fashioned mirror selfie that shows gym equipment behind him, as he poses in an oversized, long-sleeved shirt. He looks great in the shirt, but that’s not what ARMYs are focusing on. Jungkook has long hair now — repeat, long hair — and it’s perfectly wavy and tousled in the pic. The way he’s holding up his phone also shows off the delicate tattoos on his left hand, some symbols and letters all over it. He’s wearing his now signature hoop earrings, too. Now that’s dedication to the look.

Jeon’s dedicated fans obviously loved the whole thing. They were utterly swooning on Twitter after seeing the selfie, which was captioned “운동마치고” (aka “after gym”), complete with the muscles emoji. One fan reposted the pic and tweeting, “JEON JUNGKOOK? ONE OF THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS PLANET? HMMM? AM I WRONG?” Definitely not wrong. “JEON JUNGKOOK, the only man ever,” wrote an ARMY. And another ARMY spelled it all out, in case it wasn’t clear: “Jeon Jungkook is Sexiest Jeon Jungkook is Most Handsome Jeon Jungkook is Beautiful Jeon Jungkook is Talented Jeon Jungkook is Virtuous Jeon Jungkook is Golden Jeon Jungkook is Love Jeon Jungkook is King Jeon Jungkook is Sold Out Jeon Jungkook is Trend setter”. Amen to that.

Even more exciting — Jungkook is scheduled to do his own vlog for BTS’ new TikTok channel today, October 10! He’s the last Bangtan Boy to film his vlog, and yes, the preview shows that he has his long hair in it. All of their TikToks have been incredible. We particularly love Suga‘s. In his video, he goes fishing and takes multiple naps while on vacation. That’s it!

It’s not just Twitter and TikTok right now. BTS is ending their well-deserved period of rest early, and they’re eager to get back out there. A source close to the supergroup told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that “they’re focused and ready to continue with their tour and making music. They have all been working so hard for so long and deserved some time to themselves for a bit. BTS is so dedicated to their fans and their music, and they took this period to recharge their batteries and enjoy some time with family and friends.” Good for them!

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