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Ariana Fletcher Goes Off On G Herbo For Bringing Their Son Around His GF Taina & Fans Take Sides

In a now-deleted message, Ariana Fletcher slams her ex, G Herbo, for letting their 18-month-old son spend time with Herb’s new girlfriend, Taina Williams, who Ari refers to as a ‘h**.’

Rapper G Herbo happily celebrated his 24th birthday with his girlfriend, Taina Williams, on Oct. 8, but he was met with some major pushback from his ex, Ariana Flecher, who he shares a son, Yosohn, 18 mos., with. Apparently, Ari caught wind of a video on social media that showed G Herbo spending time with Yosohn, and Taina was there, as well. Ari claims that she and Herb had an agreement that he would not bring Taina around Yosohn, so when she saw the video, she took to Instagram to slam her ex. In a now-deleted message, which was screen-shot by fans, Ari had a LOT to say about her ex and his new lady.

“I asked you not to have my son around this h**,” Ari wrote. “I told you to your face not to have him around this lame a** ho** and yo h** a** agreed and said you and her know better ain’t no disrespecting me when it comes to my son. N***a you swore on all yo dead homies you don’t have my son around. Stupid b***h sitting here with her face frowned up while you got my son. She’s a c** rag a**, wanna be wifey a**, trying to luck up a** h**.” She continued her rant with some shocking accusations about both Taina and Herb, then concluded, “You know it’s up, MAJOR SUPER UP!!! F*** yo birthday, lame a** n***a. B***h you got me hot. IT’S DRAMA.”

G Herbo and Ariana ended their relationship in October 2018, and shortly afterward, she accused him of cheating on her with Taina. Herb and Taina, who is Fabolous’ step daughter, went public with their relationship on New Year’s Day 2019 with PDA-filled social media posts.

After Ariana posted her latest scathing message on Twitter, fans began to take sides in this wild feud. Several people sympathized with Ariana, pointing out that Herb cheated on her with Taina, so she has a right to feel uncomfortable with the relationship. “I wouldn’t want that h* around my child either,” someone wrote, while another person added, “I wouldn’t want my kid around somebody that disrespected me either…let’s not forget she was kissing him on the lips too.:

However, many admitted that they felt that Taina was a much better fit for Herb. “I know first hand what having a toxic baby mama is like,” one person wrote. “Taina is loving Herb properly and Ari can’t stand it. Taina isn’t harming her son so she need to fall back and stfu. Go find happiness. GROW UP!” Another person said, “She’s miserable as f***.” A lot of Taina supporters also pointed out that Ari lets Yosohn spend time with her new boyfriend, Gervonta Davis, so the whole situation is a double standard. So far, Taina and G Herbo have not responded.

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