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Liam Hemsworth ‘Much Better’ 2 Months After Miley Cyrus Split: How He Feels About Dating Again

Two months after his tumultuous breakup with Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth is surviving and thriving. But is he ready to date yet? We’ve learned the truth, exclusively.

The end of his marriage to Miley Cyrus, 26, was one of the most painful experiences of his life, but Liam Hemsworth is moving onward and upward. The actor, 29, is focusing on work and his family following their August 2019 split, and not paying any attention to his ex-wife’s wild love life, multiple sources tell HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. She’s just being Miley, and Liam’s, well, being Liam! In fact, the actor is doing “so much better” and has “come to terms with the fact that their relationship is completely over,” one source said. “Liam needed some time to recover from the pain over this breakup, but he’s in a really good place now and is getting better each and every day. He’s solely focused on moving forward in a positive direction — and has no interest in dating, at least at this point.”

Lucky for Liam, he has an amazing new project to focus on while Miley lives her best life: the Quibi series Dodge and Miles. The TV show, according to our sister site, Variety, “centers around Dodge Maynard (Liam) who, desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take his life, accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he soon discovers that he’s not the hunter, but the prey. The series explores the limits of how far someone would go to fight for their life and their family.” Inglourious Basterds star Christoph Waltz plays opposite Liam as Miles Sellers. “Liam’s really about this new project,” a second source told HollywoodLife. It’s a very physically demanding role, which is exactly what he needs right now.”

And they’re not kidding; Liam was spotted getting “hit” by a taxi on the show’s set in Toronto! “All the physical activity does wonders for his state of mind,” the source added. He spent a lot of time surfing and working out when he was back home in Australia, which is his version of therapy.” Work and working out is all fine and dandy, but what really helped Liam cope with his breakup, which happened nine months after losing his Malibu home to the Woolsey Fire, was the support of his family. Liam was spotted multiple times back in Australia hanging out with his big brother, Chris Hemsworth, and his nieces and nephews, who all did their best to cheer him up.

“Time with his family always helps him get back on track,” the insider said. “Of course his marriage ending was painful, but he isn’t moping by any means.” A third source reiterated that point, telling us that being with family has been incredibly “important” to Liam’s growth and ability to thrive post-Miley. “He’s back to being his best, and the Liam everyone knows and loves,” they said. “He can’t put his focus on what Miley’s doing, as they’re no longer in a relationship or friendship. Liam has moved on, and though he wishes her the best, he hopes he can move on himself. He wants to end the year on a high note, and he is. ”

HollywoodLife reached out to Liam’s rep multiple times for comment on this story, but did not hear back as of press time.

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