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Lamar Odom Gets Caught Adjusting Himself At ‘DWTS’: ‘I’m Blessed’ Down There — Watch

Busted! The ‘DWTS’ camera panned out a little too far, because it caught Lamar Odom moving his manhood on live television. The NBA star joked that he felt like ‘a little creep’ to HollywoodLife and other reporters afterwards.

Dancing With the Stars has a new blooper to add to its reel. Lamar Odom, 39, was caught touching his pants’ crotch on the ABC show, for all viewers to witness at home on Oct. 7. The yanking, tugging — and maybe scratching? — was all documented on live television. The NBA star even examined his hands after the deed was done. Host Erin Andrews was oblivious to the action behind her, just like Lamar was oblivious to the camera (until he checked the Internet).

“Yeah, I think there’s…The Shade Room caught me adjusting myself. It makes me feel like a little creep,” Lamar admitted to HollywoodLife and other reporters after Monday night’s episode. Indeed, the outlet shared a clip of Lamar’s on-air faux pas, which has attracted some savage burns — more on that later. But the glass is half full for Lamar, who added, “I’m blessed. I guess that means I’m blessed.” We’ll leave that comment up to your interpretation.

“I had to adjust myself; it’s the outfit,” Lamar continued to explain. “But it’s the truth…you understand that problem. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. I had fun.” Despite Lamar’s insistence that his blessing was to blame for the manhood-maneuvering, fans were convinced that he was experiencing a case of the itches! “That man is scratching like it’s a twenty dollar ticket,” one user commented underneath The Shade Room’s post, while rapper Milan Christopher cheekily wrote, “What in the ‘ Itchy & scratchy ‘ is going on hea? 🧐🤔” A third fan even ventured to comment, “I thought he was about to smell his hand 😂😂😂😂😂.”

Unfortunately, the online trolling wasn’t Lamar’s only setback of the night. He received two four’s after his Viennese waltz with Peta Murgatroyd, despite delivering what we considered his best performance since Season 28 premiered on Sept. 16! You can find out which pair was ultimately sent home in HollywoodLife’s full recap of week four.

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