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Derick Dillard SHOCKS Fans: Yes, We Vaccinate Our Kids!

Just recently, Jill Duggar realized that having kids kind of ruins your life

But she and Derick Dillard don’t want their kids to die, or contract any preventable illness, so of course they vaccinate.

Some fans are positively shocked that Derick and Jill follow standard medical advice in this area. Some of their responses are shocking:

“Got my flu shot for the season!” Derick announced on Instagram, alongside a photo of him showing the bandaid on his deltoid.

“Go out and get yours if you haven’t yet,” he recommended to fans and followers.

Derick’s caption continued: “and try to stay healthy this year “

That’s a pretty effective PSA for the flu shot.

Like, do you want to be less socially responsible than Derick freaking Dillard? Imagine living with that shame.

“Y’all vaccinate? I’m kinda shocked,” one commenter admitted.

“Yes, we vaccinate,” Derick replied.

He added: “I actually had to get about 12 extra ones in my early 20s when I moved to Asia.”

“Our boys just got more shots at their last appointment a couple months ago too,” Derick revealed.

Hey, that’s great news for his children’s physical health.

As you can imagine, Derick’s announcement also elicited a slew of what we’ll gently call absolutely bonkers replies.

“Noooo way!” protests one commenter. “That’s population control by the government.”

It’s not. That’s not a thing, and reducing flu deaths is the opposite of whatever cuckoo-bananas conspiracy theory this person believes.

“God already gave you the immunity to fight the flu,” another asserts.

We’re not going to try to manage anyone’s theological beliefs, but many Christians see human ingenuity as a divine gift when used to heal.

“Please do your research,” one comment ironically demands. “They’re pure poison.”

They’re not, and this absolute fool clearly did their research on fringe conspiracy sites instead of, you know, in the real world.

“Are you aware that DNA from aborted babies are in the vaccines?” claims one particularly clownish commenter.

They continue: “How can that not go against your conscience when you stand against abortion, but use a product where cells from aborted babies are being used?”

There is zero DNA from aborted fetal tissue in vaccines.

So why are people so surprised that Derick Dillard isn’t a plague-enthusiast who exposes his children to preventable disease?

Well, because he and Jill exist somewhat on the fringes of society.

While they’re a bit closer to the real world than Jim Bob and Michelle, Derick is a guy so deeply transphobic that he lost his reality career over it.

Derick still thinks fans should “get over” the way that he bullied trans teen Jazz Jennings, as if time could make it magically have never happened.

And he still seems to think that kids having stories read to them in libraries by drag queens is somehow harmful.

It’s pretty fair that people expected that he and Jill might eschew normal healthcare out of anti-society paranoia.

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