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Things We Saw Today: Is Archie Planning on Becoming…A Superhero? And Other Riverdale Questions From the New Trailer

Riverdale debuted a new trailer chock full of make outs, abs and pretty people doing ugly things at New York Comic Con and it was…a lot. There’s a new guy named Bret Weston Wallace (wonder who that could be referencing!), Veronica is visiting daddy Hiram in jail, Betty is suspicious of her newly discovered half brother, and Cheryl is having seances with her dead twin’s corpse.  So…typical Riverdale.

The big moments that caught our attention were all about Archie. We see the younger Andrews get the devastating call about the death of his father, reminding us to emotionally prepare for what promises to be a heartbreaking, standalone season premiere honor Fred Andrews and Luke Perry. Archie seems to take the loss to heart, committing himself to turning his boxing gym into a community center and…fighting crime? Looks like he’s suiting up and it can’t be any harder than fighting a bear so…Why not? I do hope this means KJ Apa is joining Crisis on Infinite Earths then.

Oh, and speaking of DC properties? We see Cheryl and Toni canoodling (and speaking to the dead) on Halloween in full Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy costumes. I cannot think of a better bit of corporate synergy for this new pair of lesbian icons to honor their foremothers.

We also have more pictures from the coming season, including our first look at Shannen Doherty’s guest spot.

The teens watch fireworks

Archie faces down moose in riverdale

the core four and shannen doherty in riverdale

Molly Ringwald and KJ Apa in Riverdale

Riverdale returns this week on Wednesday at 8:00 on the CW followed by the new Nancy Drew. We saw the very spooky Nancy Drew pilot at SDCC this summer and if you love Riverdale, we think you’l enjoy Nancy Drew as well.

That’s not all the NYCC news we have though. Here’s a few more tidbits:

  • We got our first hints about Wynonna Earp season 4. (via SyFyWire)
  • We saw the new trailer for season 4 of She Ra on Netflix:
  • The clock is ticking down to the premiere of Watchmen. (via Fortune)
  • New Outlander footage debuted. (Via EW)
  • The Walking Dead is coming back for another season and Lauren Cohan is returning as Maggie. (via Vanity Fair)
  • Roswell, New Mexico is adding a familiar face from the original Roswell, Jason Behr. (via TVLine)

There’s Non-NYCC news out there as well.

  • Cry with us over the beautiful Angel 20th anniversary reunion. (via EW)
  • And when you’re done there, read up on how Angel did their women wrong. (via TVGuide)
  • There’s a second whistleblower. Yeesh. (via ABC News)
  • Wine can keep us from getting sick? Pour me another glass. (via Maxim)
  • A man in North Carolina use a so-called Homewrecker law to sue the man his wife had an affair with for breaking up his marriage – and he won $750,000. (via Newsweek)

That’s what we saw this fine Sunday, what did you see, Mary Suvians?

(featured image: Robert Falconer/The CW)

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