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Take a bow? Rihanna just followed Jagmeet Singh on Instagram

It looks like Rihanna is keeping an eye on the Canadian election — and one diamond is shining a little brighter than the others.

The recording star and business mogul started following NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on Instagram Thursday, triggering a tide of excitement from some Canadians on social media. Many suggested it was time for Singh to take a bow.

Rihanna didn’t explicitly endorse Singh, but fans were quick to capture screenshots of the alert that @badgalriri was now following @jagmeetsingh.

She already follows Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau from a Global Citizen campaign a few years ago.

Rihanna currently has more than 75.7 million followers on Instagram. She only follows 1,406 accounts, and no other Canadian leader (aside from Trudeau) falls under that umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh).

She also follows a handful of other politicians, including French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. Democratic presidential hopefuls Beto O’Rourke and Kamala Harris.

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“I’m embarrassed how much the Rihanna follow improved my opinion of Jagmeet Singh,” user Corden Peterson tweeted on Thursday.

“We just got Rihanna on board,” tweeted Bhutila Karpoche, an NDP MPP in Toronto. “Now two more weeks to get to work work work.”

It’s unclear if Rihanna is paying attention to the ins and outs of Canada’s federal election. However, she might have noticed Singh earlier this week when he responded politely to a racist comment from someone who approached him in Montreal.

Federal Election 2019: Man tells Jagmeet Singh he should remove his turban to ‘look like a Canadian’

Federal Election 2019: Man tells Jagmeet Singh he should remove his turban to ‘look like a Canadian’

Singh now has Rihanna’s eye on Instagram.

What now? Will she stay tuned in?

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