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Blake Lively Gives Birth To Baby No. 3: She & Ryan Reynolds Welcome New Addition

Congrats are in order, as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed baby no. 3 into the world. But they kept it secret as their new addition arrived in August!

This is not a drill! Blake Lively, 31, and Ryan Reynolds, 42, just became parents of three children, as the former Gossip Girl star gave birth to their latest addition in August, and it’s just being reported on Oct. 4. The baby arrived about two months ago, a source tells US Weekly, and it hasn’t been revealed if the couple welcomed a third daughter or their first son. Blake and Ryan have been extremely private when it comes to the birth of their children, as when their two little girls arrived it was several weeks after the fact that the birth reports came. The pair is the same way with their kids’ names, as with second daughter Ines, her moniker was never revealed by the couple, but reported two months after her birth by Us Weekly.

This joyous news comes just a few months after Blake unexpectedly announced her pregnancy on May 2, when she walked the red carpet at the premiere of Ryan’s new movie, Detective Pikachu, and showed off a major baby bump. Blake made the announcement without even saying a word, while walking the carpet in a skin-tight canary yellow gown that accentuated the bun in her oven.

Blake and Ryan were already parents to two daughters — 4-year-old James and 2-year-old Ines– before the birth of their baby, so now they’re a happy family of five. As for a name, it might be a while before we learn it, as the couple took three months to announce James’ name. We actually didn’t learn it until Ryan appeared on The Today Show in Feb. 2015, when he joked that the baby’s name was “Butternut Summer Squash”. Then, he got serious and said, “It’s James. Everyone knows”, and explained that he didn’t want to make a big announcement because “I didn’t want to be the first guy screaming it out to the media. Because as we know, little girls turn into teenage girls and little teenage girls sometimes scan through the archives and go, ‘Why did you do that?”

Blake and Ryan met in early 2010 while filming Green Lantern, in which she co-starred. In Oct. 2011, it was first reported that they were dating, and on Sept. 9, 2012, they got married.

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