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Things We Saw Today: Mj Rodriguez and George Salazar Delight Us With “Suddenly Seymour”

George Salazar and Mj Rodriguez in Little Shop of Horrors

The beauty of Little Shop of Horrors comes from Audrey and her journey out of an abusive relationship and into an understanding about herself and her own worth. Sure, throughout the years we have looked upon it relatively negatively because she does need Seymour to see that but still, there is a beauty that can be discovered within this character and this show.

Hence why I love the version of “Suddenly Seymour” that Mj Rodriguez and George Salazar did on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

As you can see, the song is about how Audrey can see that Seymour is the man she should be with instead of her abusive boyfriend, the Dentist. Again, not great that another man has to save her but still, it was the 80s. What I love about this particular costuming and performance is that Audrey isn’t portrayed (as I can tell) as this ditzy blonde that many interprete as “asking” for the abuse she gets. Instead, she is a fully realized woman who is struggling within her own mental health and her own desire to escape and from the short glimpse we see, Mj Rodriguez clearly brings a new life to the character and I wish we could all see the full show!

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