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Gwen Stefani Shows Off Enormous Bouquet Of Birthday Flowers From Blake Shelton: ‘What On Earth?!’

Gwen Stefani got so much love on her 50th birthday, and boyfriend Blake Shelton gave her a massive floral arrangement with petals in her favorite color of pink.

Gwen Stefani had a nice, quiet 50th birthday celebration at her parents’ Los Angeles home on Oct. 3. But before she headed over there, the singer took to her Instagram stories to show off all of the birthday flowers she received and of course the biggest and most elaborate arrangement came from her adoring boyfriend Blake Shelton, 43. “I’m feeling super, super loved. Thank you everybody for all your birthday messages. Thank you Blake Shelton my flowers…what on Earth?” she began one IG story video.

She then showed off a massive bouquet of white hydrangeas, various shades of pink roses and dark pink carnations that Blake gave her and it was HUGE! There were so many flowers they couldn’t fit in a typical vase, as a large, white ceramic bowl was needed to hold them. Gwen then panned to the rest of her home dining room table top where numerous other smaller floral bouquets could be seen. “And everybody else. These flowers are crazy! I’m so spoiled,” she squealed.

It wasn’t just flowers as Gwen went on to show off numerous birthday cakes that had been sent from a pal named Shelly, at least four custom birthday cakes from one of  L.A.’s favorite bakeries, SusieCakes. Then Blake was seen opening up several boxes containing pies. “Too much pie. I’m going to be fat in Vegas,” she wrote over one of the videos, referring to how her residency is starting back up next Friday Oct. 11. She then called her friend Shelly a “maniac” for giving her so many sweet treats and Blake could be heard bursting into the chorus of the song “Maniac” from the iconic 1983 dance film Flashdance. The cakes and pies were then loaded into her SUV and taken to her parents’ house for her family and close friends birthday party.

Gwen’s next IG videos showed the table settings for her birthday party at her parents house, and the seating cards were made of cute photos on the plate of who was sitting where, with Blake next to Gwen of course. Then her youngest son Apollo, 5,  helped her open gifts, but sweetly scolded his mom that she needs to read the card first. “Always read the card first” he cutely told her. Gwen ended the evening with a video speaking into the camera and saying, “Thanks you guys. Thanks everybody who posted. I’m feeling really loved today. This is a big one but I’m feeling very blessed.”

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