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‘The Challenge’ Recap: Nany & Leroy’s Alliance Is Threatened After A Major Disagreement

Longtime friends and allies, Leroy and Nany, find themselves at odds as team U.S. finally tries to come together as a unit on the Oct. 2 episode of ‘The Challenge.’

The Oct. 2 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 begins with some tension between U.S. team members Josh and Paulie. Josh is pissed that Paulie broke his promise not to vote a team U.S. player into elimination last week, and they have a war of words that almost turns physical. Afterward, Leroy calls a team meeting, and team U.S. agrees that they will no longer vote their own team members in. They also agree to be transparent about any future decisions they want to make, and come to an agreement that Nany, Ninja Natalie and Leroy will make up the next tribunal.

The next challenge is a trivia challenge, with each team choosing six players each to represent them in the game. Team U.S. absolutely dominates team U.K., and they stick with the plan for Nany to be the speaker, with Leroy and Ninja as the other two members of the tribunal. At the nominations, team U.K. is split between voting for Esther and NicoleBear and Georgia’s alliance wants Esther voted in, while Joss and Rogan’s alliance wants to throw Nicole in.

It comes down to a vote, and the majority of the team votes for Nicole. Nicole asks the tribunal to give her Esther as an opponent, but of course, they’ll have some discussing to do first. As previously planned, Leroy wants to bring the conversation back to the entire team so they can make a decision together, but Nany isn’t on-board, since no one granted her the same favor during previous votes. Nany tries to talk some sense into Leroy and urge him not to trust that the rest of their team won’t turn on the two of them in a future vote.

Ninja is dead set on voting Jenny into the elimination, since she’s one of the strongest players on team U.K. However, Nany is worried about sending Jenny in, then having her win and come back with a vengeance. It leads to a heated confrontation, and Leroy is clearly the swing vote going into the elimination nomination.

This puts Leroy in a tough position: Does he go with what the team wants, or with what his closest ally in the game, Nany, wants? Ninja sticks to her guns and votes for Jenny, while Nany goes with Esther, who’s deemed one of the weaker players on team U.K. Leroy decides to do what’s best for his game, which he thinks is sticking with the team, so he votes for Jenny. Nany understands where he’s coming from, but is admittedly annoyed that Leroy doesn’t seem to put the same value on their friendship that she does.

Jenny and Nicole have to jump down a chute and memorize a puzzle key that’s covered by a layer of balls at the bottom. Then, they have to climb up the walls of the chute to get back to the top and actually solve the puzzle. Jenny wins the challenge in an impressive fashion, and proves that she really is a threat in the game. After the win, she opts to stick on team U.K., who are in desperate need of a team challenge win.

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