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Evelin Villegas to Larissa Lima: Get TF AWAY from Corey Rathgeber!!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans have a lot of opinions about the possibilty of Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber getting back together.

It turns out that they may not have to worry about that — but about someone else snatching him up.

Corey was spotted with Larissa Lima, who openly expressed interest. And now Evelin is trying to warn her away.

Late Wednesday night, Larissa Lima shared a selfie after she ran into Corey Rathgeber.

Though both 90 Day Fiance stars, the two were on different seasons and have very different reputations.

But, surely they both just happened to be in Vegas at the same time, right?

After all, Corey has shared other photos, particularly snaps of him with beloved 90 Day Fiance stars David and Annie.

But, as you’ll soon see, this simple selfie may be much more significant.

Evelin Villegas IG - mad at Corey Rathgeber

So, on Thursday, Evelin went off in her Instagram Stories, addressing both fan complaints about her and her thoughts on Corey himself.

“All [Corey] give me lately is disappointment,” Evelin writes.

She continues, saying that he is “clearly in a ridiculous desperate need for fame and recognition.”

Evelin points out: “There’s only one more minute of your ‘fame.'”

She concludes that post by admonishing him: “Stop being a loser.”

Evelin Villegas IG - warns Larissa Lima away from Corey

One fan commented on the selfie of Larissa and Corey that the pair make a cute couple, and Larissa wrote: “I agree.”

This clearly set off Evelin.

“I love you Larissa,” she begins. “But Corey is way too boring and needy for anybody.”

“And he doesn’t have money,” Evelin warns, clearly thinking of Larissa’s reputation as a gold digger.

She then suggests that much about Corey “is all an illusion.”

So, a quick recap: Corey and Evelin broke up after Corey saw a video of Evelin cheating.

Producers prepared him, had him sign a mental health waiver, and showed him a video that upset him a great deal.

According to a leaker, he broke down crying and then spoke to a therapist that TLC had waiting for him backstage.

Days later, he blocked Evelin on Instagram, much to her frustration.

Recently, he unblocked her and the two refollowed each other. Now, days later, it appears that they didn’t go much further than that in patching things up.

Meanwhile, Larissa broke up with her ex, Eric Nichols, less than a month ago.

Yes, Larissa said she’s so tired of men taking advantage of her. But it’s been a few weeks since then.

Some people really, truly do not like to be single, and there’s more to that than just general horniness.

It’s possible that Larissa is one such person. It took about this much time after her scary, violent breakup with Colt for her to join Tinder.

We don’t know that she or Corey are each other’s types, but … you never know. And Larissa sounds interested.

Obviously, some viewers have taken an intense, even excessive dislike to Evelin Villegas.

One should remember that these shows are heavily edited. Editing won’t put words in your mouth, but they can show only the negative if they want.

Also, some of the things said to and about Evelin were hateful, ignorant, and even racist.

Some, particularly certain older female fans who would just love to get their hands on Corey for themselves, want him to stay broken up with Evelin.

Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, but … how do these fans feel about Corey maybe hooking up with Larissa?

Is that what they wanted, or do they feel like it’s an out-of-the-frying-pan, into-the-fire situation?

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