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Donald Trump Gets Roasted After Dragging Nickelback Into His Feud With The Bidens — See Tweets

If you thought there’s no way Donald Trump could top himself with bizarre tweets, think again. He used the band Nickelback in an attack tweet at Joe Biden and his son and Twitter is losing it at the weirdness.

Nickelback might be the most maligned rock band in the world, but what did the Canadian group do to deserve getting dragged into President Donald Trump‘s impeachment inquiry mess?’ Trump went on a Twitter attack against Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son Hunter over possible connections to a Ukrainian oil firm and used a Nickelback meme to do it. Trump was trying to deflect from allegedly asking Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in a phone call for dirt on his likely 2020 election opponent and allegedly threatened to withhold aid if he didn’t get his wishes. That caused House Democrats to open an impeachment inquiry.

In an Oct. 2 tweet he included a video where someone had linked together a video of Joe telling a reporter he had never spoken to his son about overseas business dealings. Then the opening music video scene from Nickelback’s 2005 hit “Photograph” appeared where lead singer Chad Kroeger holds up a framed pic, only someone had superimposed a pic of Joe and Hunter on a golf outing with a Ukrainian oil exec. “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH,” Trump tweeted in all caps and Twitter is roasting him for it.

“Hasn’t Nickelback suffered enough?” a user named Dave tweeted while another named Lukas wrote, “Please tell me I’m having a stroke and not that the president of the United States just tweeted a Nickelback meme.” A man named Stephen tweeted, “Imagine waking up from a 3 year long coma to find out that the president is Donald Trump and he’s tweeting Nickelback memes to defend himself from getting impeached.” A user named Frederick spoke the truth when he tweeted, “We really live in a country where the president attacked a former Vice President by posting an altered Nickelback video.”

So far the band hasn’t responded to being dragged into Trump’s impeachment inquiry drama, which caused their name to rocket to the number one trending topic on Twitter. Their most recent tweet was four hours before Trump shared the meme to announce they’d arrived in Brazil for a concert.

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