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Blake Shelton Has ‘Grand Gestures’ Planned For Gwen Stefani’s 50th Birthday: She’s So Excited

As Gwen Stefani turns the big 5-0, loving boyfriend Blake Shelton is planning on going big for his lady’s milestone birthday. We’ve got details on if an engagement ring could be a gift.

Gwen Stefani‘s birthday is on October 3 and it’s a big one. The singer is turning 50 — despite still looking half that age — and boyfriend Blake Shelton‘s going to treat his lady right. “He is going to do the flower thing, he is really going to check all the boxes. Turning 50 is a big deal and Blake has been joking with her a lot that he is dating a mature older woman. So he is gearing to have things be regular with some grand gestures sprinkled throughout. But one of those sprinkles will not be an engagement ring, so don’t expect that yet,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY

Gwen’s Las Vegas residency is gearing back up for some October shows, and she’ll be back onstage on Friday the 11th. “Blake is looking to have a host of birthday celebrations throughout the month. He wants to do something nice for her in Vegas and is looking to even join her on stage. He wants to sing her ‘Happy Birthday’ and sing one or two of the songs they have recorded together for everyone that goes to those shows to enjoy,” our insider continues.

“Plus he wants to take her and the kids out as long as it doesn’t interrupt school and wants to go to Oklahoma to his ranch. They are going to be mostly homebodies because they have to get ready and do work related things and she has to get ready for her residency. But Blake wants to make it all very special,” the source adds. The two are finally back together on NBC’s The Voice after Gwen was away for several seasons.

The singer herself is just to thrilled at where her life is as it hits the half-century mark. “Gwen couldn’t feel more excited for her 50th birthday and she’s truly feeling on top of the world. When she was younger, Gwen never imagined she’d be where she’s at in terms of her successful career, her kids, and sharing her life with the perfect man,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

“She feels so grateful and so blessed to be in such an amazing place and just wants to keep going. Gwen really doesn’t care about lavish gifts or over the top romantic gestures, she’s truly just happy being with her family and loved ones, and that’s what she wants to make the day about,” the insider adds.

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