[VIDEO] Creepy Pennywise Jeep Causing Scares

Imagine driving down the highway, and you look over at the car beside you only to see Pennywise The Dancing Clown driving a blood-splattered jeep down the road.

That is what’s happening in Louisville, Kentucky according to CBS news outlet WLKY. And drivers are getting scared.

The Jeep has a left-side passenger seat which gives the appearance that Pennywise is driving the jeep. The custom Jeep is the creation of Andrew Johnson. Johnson has been decorating the Jeep for many years now.

Past themes have included Resident Evil and Fortnite. In honor of the release of Stephen King’s It: Chapter 2; Johnson decided to customize Jeep with a Pennywise theme.

I can only wonder what I would do if I were driving down the road and saw Pennywise driving beside me.

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