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Farrah Abraham: I Will Never, EVER Pay the Money I Owe!!

As you may recall, reality TV villain Farrah Abraham is being sued for six figures over alleged unpaid rent.

For months, she has avoided the lawsuit by being unreachable — traveling all across Europe. That rick isn’t working anymore.

Forced to fight it out in court, Farrah is instead claiming that she doesn’t owe anything … and doesn’t plan to pay one cent.

RadarOnline reports that Farrah Abraham has, at long last, at least responded to the lawsuit.

When somebody is very publicly suing you for $101,212.50, a highly specific number that has been widely reported, you have to address it eventually.

The tabloid got their hands on documents from Travis County District Court.

Within those papers, defendants Farrah and F & S by Farrah, INC adamantly “deny the allegations in Plaintiff’s Original Petition.”

Did anyone really think that Farrah was going to make this easy?

The plaintiff is Farrah’s former landlord for her “business ventures,” FHF I Oaks at Lakeway, LLC.

Farrah is now demanding that said plaintiff turn over copies of pertinant materials and information, as detailed in Rule 194.2.

They have 30 days in which to adhere to this request.

It’s not clear exactly what Farrah is digging for, but it could be simple contact information for relevant parties or it could be testimony from an expert.

Clearly, Farrah is trying to get the plaintiff to present their evidence that she owes them.

“For these reasons, Defendants F&S by Farrah, Inc. and Farrah Abraham ask the Court to deny Plaintiff’s claim,” Farah’s papers ask.

The request continues: “and all other relief to which Defendants F&S by Farrah, Inc. and Farrah Abraham are entitled.”

There’s a log of legal speak because, well, these are court documents.

Fortunately, they are infinitely easier to understand than Farrah’s infamous word salad.

We’re no legal experts, but it appears that Farrah is asking the court to toss out the lawsuit unless the plaintiff can prove that she owes them.

So what is this all about? Because most of us think of “unpaid rent” in terms of somehow missing a payment on your apartment.

In Farrah’s, it’s about her various failed business ventures.

Her Furnished By Farrah and Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutiques storefronts closed down about one year ago.

A few months later, her landlord complained that she had packed up her stores and just abandoned the locations, leaving the rent unpaid.

Obviously, we don’t know the truth. We can believe a lot of things of Farrah, but we hope that the truth will come out in court.

Reports say that Farrah’s finances aren’t so good these days.

It makes sense. She has a lot of “businesses,” but that doesn’t mean that they’re actually doing well.

She really seems to be trying to emulate her idol, Trump.

Speaking in incoherent rants, being a failure at business, and having a persecution complex? She may be overdoing it.

Sometimes, all sorts of details about someone’s personal and professional life come out during a lawsuit.

We can’t wait to see what courtroom revelations make it to the public.

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