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Dwayne Johnson’s Birthday Video For a 100-Year-Old Grandma Is Heartwarming and Hilarious

Turning 100 years old is no small feat, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made sure to celebrate one of his oldest fan’s “beautiful age” with a birthday video that left her smiling from ear to ear. Thanks to her granddaughter’s best friend Jamie Klinger, Marie Grover from Philadelphia, aka “Grandmom Grover,” got to enjoy a personalized message from Dwayne himself, which Jamie shared on Twitter on Oct. 2. How many people can say they’ve had The Rock sing them “Happy Birthday?”

Marie has been a huge fan of The Rock for the past 30 years, so naturally, being surprised with such a sweet video had her cackling with joy in her recliner. “You can eat cake, you can get drunk. Party hard. I’m sending you so much love,” Dwayne said at the end of the video before blowing a kiss to the camera. “Love you right back, you Rock, you!” Marie shouted back at the screen, clearly overjoyed. Watch the adorable video and prepare to witness true joy.

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