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Wendy Williams: Why She Really Threw Shade At Shakira Over Super Bowl Halftime News 

Wendy Williams is standing by her opinion that Jennifer Lopez should perform the Super Bowl LIV halftime show solo! The talk show host is open to changing her mind, but she doubts it, and here’s why…

Wendy Williams is and always has been a supporter of Jennifer Lopez, which is why she didn’t find any issue with her comments about the Super Bowl halftime show on her talk show, September 30. “Wendy is crazy about JLo — she’s a super-fan, so that’s really what this was about,” a source close to Wendy, 55, tells HollywoodLife, exclusively. “It truly isn’t anything personal against Shakira. It could literally be anyone sharing the Super Bowl gig with JLo and Wendy would throw shade.” 

A separate source went on to explain Wendy’s reasoning even further. “She stands by what she said because she thinks JLo is such a huge name and doesn’t need anybody else to co-headline with her. Wendy just doesn’t understand why the NFL felt the need to choose more than one artist to perform seeing as JLo’s star power is more than enough to handle the gig solo,” the second source explains, adding that it would take a lot to change the host’s mind. Nonetheless, “Wendy is open to having Shakira’s performance try and change her mind.” 

Depending Shakira’s Super Bowl performance, “Wendy acknowledges that she will either eat her words, or add to them,” a third insider admits, noting that Wendy will air her reaction on her talk show, following the February 2 game. “She will have her say on all of that when the time comes. So, the ball is in Shakira’s court to change Wendy’s mind.” 

Ultimately, the talk show host believes she was just doing her job, the source says. As promised when she returned for season 11, Wendy said she wouldn’t go soft on any stars during her famous Hot Topics segment, where she gives her hot take on the latest celebrity news. “She just loves JLo and wishes it was all JLo the entire time,” the source adds.  

The Super Bowl halftime show headliners, JLo and Shakira, were announced on Thursday, September 26. Despite rumors of a few other names including Pitbull, it’s unclear if the fierce females plan to add any other artists to their performance. Super Bowl LIV will take place in Miami on February 2, 2020.

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