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These are the 5 headband trends we’ll all be wearing this season, according to street style

When it comes to hair trends, you likely know that bleach blonde was huge earlier this year and that the ‘curtain fringe‘ is having a real moment right now, but you’re less likely to consider hair accessories in the ‘trending’ space.

You just shove in a bobble when it’s feeling a bit frizzy, and slide on a few hair grips when you’ve gone longer that you’d like to admit between washes. Despite their year-round longevity, however, headbands are proving wildly popular right now.

They’ve been appearing more and more over the last couple of years, but thanks to the street style set over the last four weeks – and four cities – we’re calling it: autumn/winter 2019 will be the headband’s *season*. Even if you’re not a ‘headband person’ (trust us).

Whether you’re into something subtle or one with bells and whistles, there are five trends dominating the headband arena right now that’ll thrill people from either end of the sartorial spectrum…

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