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GLAMOUR’s columnist, Jen Atkin, shares answers to the most pressing bridal hair questions she’s asked

You’ve booked your venue, sourced your dream dress and now get to turn your attention to the fun (and selfish) stuff: your bridal beauty regime.

From tousled beach waves to chic up-dos, glorious wedding hair accessories and cute bobs, there’s an incredible array of bridal hairstyle ideas to choose from but prepping your hair in the run-up to your nuptials is just as important as how you style it on the big day itself.

We called on our resident hair columnist, Jen Atkin, to share the answers to some of the most pressing bridal hair questions she gets asked…

How should you prep hair in the run-up to the wedding?

If you have coloured hair, then sleeping in coconut oil is great for added moisture and restorative properties. I also love the OUAI Hair Masque; throw it on during your workout or your cleaning day at home once a week for the softest and shiniest hair.

What are your top pre-wedding hair hacks for the shiniest hair ever?

Start taking hair supplements 90 days before the wedding. This will help with overall hair health and growth, making your hair fuller and stronger.

Then use a treatment mask 1-2 times a week in the month leading up to your wedding day. If you’re trying to work on that wedding bod – opt for a heat-activated mask as the heat from your workout will actually activate the mask even more, so I’d recommend throwing it in your bun during a hot yoga or spin class.

On the big day itself, you can always add extra shine throughout your hairstyle with a shine mist; a microfine oil mist will give your hair a gorgeous glow.

What are the secrets to ensuring hair lasts all day?

Making sure you prep the hair correctly before a long day/event is key to long lasting style. If it’s a sleek look, I make sure to prep the hair with moisturising products like OUAI Leave in Conditioner or a good quality hair oil and Tancho stick. If it’s a tousled/wavy look, then prepping the hair with a strong hairspray like Balmain Session Strong is the best; make sure you spray it in *before* styling rather than after, then brush through before applying a curling iron or flat iron.

What’s an alternative bridal hair ‘do you’re loving and how would you create it?

I’m in love with an effortless bridal look, something that’s not too much and natural looking. Anything like a tousled/effortless bun or a half up/half down is beautiful for a bride. Follow the steps above to achieve either one of these looks.

Check out our pick of the best bridal hairstyles for the ultimate inspo.

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