Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 2 Review: You Don’t Need a Weatherman

If there was ever a time I wanted to jump into the TV and grab me something good to eat, it was during Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 2.

Jake and Anthony were chowing down on some tasty looking ribs while discussing business. And then business found them.

Family disputes are always difficult. And the dispute between the brothers about the barbecue sauce wasn’t any different.

They had a gentlemen’s agreement so to speak — written out on the back of a menu — but in the court of law, it wasn’t really legal.

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But it shouldn’t have come to that point anyway.

Sure, everyone needs to protect themselves, but family is family. And this silly dispute should never have gotten as far as it did.

Luckily, for the brothers, Anthony put it into perspective when he took the “winning” brother to the empty lot where there used to be a great barbecue stand.

In, the end nobody wins because families are torn apart over pettiness.

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And the rest of the world loses some good tasting barbecue.

What’s interesting is that even the smaller cases fit into the overall theme of changing the world one case at a time.

Not only is it about David versus Goliath, but it’s also about saving families.

From that perspective, you can see how the whole episode tied together.

Sydney and Elijah worked on the big case of the hour between a small farmer and the big seed company, Terennial.

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It was interesting how the team was able to use the RICO law against the company because what they were doing was making small farmers an offer they couldn’t refuse..

Emma talked about how farming was in her blood and why she loved it so much. It wasn’t just a way to make money — it was a way of doing good for the world.

And then the giant comes along and crushes those dreams, turning things around in an unfair way, and destroyes decades of family farming.

For what? Profit.

It kind of reminded me of Amazon and how it’s taking over the world. The online giant is slowly eating up all the small mom and pop shops and it’s even gorging itself on big name stores, too.

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In Emma’s case, however, Terennial was using mafia-like tactics to get what they wanted, including intimidation techniques. And Elijah was able to use their attempt at a spin against them.

As much as I love Sydney, I liked that this hour wasn’t about her and her feisty way of doing things — though we did see plenty of that, too.

All the other lawyers in the firm are just as important as she is, and their cases are just as valuable.

So, there’s a good balance of what’s being presented which makes the show even more interesting.

Of course, Sydney and Elijah’s relationship issues tied into the cases as well. 

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Elijah isn’t the perfect father, but he loves Sydney. And even though Sydney is upset about Emerson, she took it to heart what Emma told her about not waiting until it was too late.

Once again, family is important. Elijah isn’t trying to hid his sins. He owns up to them, and he wants there to be a reconciliation between he and Sydney.

She has every right to be angry, but she also needs to find compassion for her father. 

They make a good team whether she wants to admit it or not. There of the same mindset.

Plus, she has a cool brother she needs to get to know.

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It wasn’t surprising that he felt awkward about the whole thing. Who wouldn’t be in his situation?

Elijah was more reassuring that Sydney was that the issues wasn’t about him, but he’s going to continue to feel uncomfortable about it all.

Sydney tried but failed at letting Emerson know it has nothing to do with him.

She needs to make a bigger effort to get to know her brother which she will eventually as the season progresses.

So, what did you think of “You Don’t Need a Weatherman”?

Are you on board with the show yet?

Do you like the tingle of a romance between Jake and Sydney?

Will Sydney and Elijah work out their differences?

Have you ever had Memphis barbecue and didn’t that scene make you want to drive down to Beale Street straight away?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

If you need to catch up, you can watch Bluff City Law online right here via TV Fanatic.

Lisa Babick is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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