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The most flattering shapewear to shop right now (no judgement here)

While shapewear may well be a contentious issue, with several people regarding its very nature – tweaking ourselves into an alternate form – problematic, at GLAMOUR HQ we are firmly of the opinion that feminism is all about choice.

Sure, we’d hate anyone to squeeze themselves into this lycra because of the pressure to look a certain way, but we do also know that several women – many of the GLAMOUR team included – appreciate having the option to tighten a tum or smooth the surface beneath an unforgiving silk slip. They find it empowering.

If you’re one of the former, please remember that everyone – EVERYONE – has insecurities, and that these differences are what makes you you, and what makes your friend your friend, your mum your mum, and your sister your sister. And you wouldn’t expect them to conform to body standards if it made them uncomfortable, would you?

But if you’re one of the latter, you’ll likely know that a good piece of shapewear can really make you feel as though you’ve hit the lingerie jackpot. It’s not about conforming to standards prescribed by others, but rather making yourself feel your most confident; in the same way a flash of red lipstick or a bleached-root touch-up would, and we all know they’re not natural looks either.

It’s about choice.

From slips to bodysuits and shorts, here are the 9 shapewear pieces that the GLAMOUR team are into right now…

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