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Kelly Dodd FORCED into Anger Management After Violent Streak

Kelly Dodd decided to turn a spiritual retreat into a game of whack-a-mole, and unfortunately Shannon and Gina were the “moles.”

While Kelly wishes she’d hit them harder, fans and viewers were alarmed by her behavior — and so was Bravo.

A report says that Kelly was strongarmed into anger management. But will that be enough?

First, a very brief recap of when Kelly whacked Shannon on the head with a freakin’ mallet.

The Housewives traveled to Arizona for a spiritual retreat.

From the start, Shannon was very gung-ho about it, while Kelly was not taking it seriously in the slightest.

When Shannon wore a metal bowl as a hat during a ritual, Kelly thought that it would be funny to whack her head like a gong.

Well, Shannon was in pain, then had a headache and blurriness in one eye.

Tamra went with her to urgent care, where she learned that she had a mild concussion.

Then, Kelly decided to smack Gina Kirschenheiter, who had been sitting with her as she ranted about Shannon.

it was in an effort to show how “minor” her blow to Shannon’s head was and how “silly” it was for Shannon to be complaining.

In particularly, Kelly thought that it was absurd for Shannon to go to urgent care.

Gina was not even close to being amused, since Kelly had once again violated a castmate’s personal space to strike them.

Gina stormed into the villa to pack her bags. She was justifiably furious.

Well, All About The Tea reports that Kelly’s behavior wasn’t just dramatic and shocking — it caused alarm bells to go off with prodcuers and execs.

“Bravo went into panic mode after Kelly hit Shannon in the head and sent her to the ER, then slapped Gina,” the insider reports.

They didn’t just freak out — they went into crisis mode.

“Evolution Media (the production company that produces RHOBH) called Kelly into an emergency meeting,” the source adds.

“And,” the insider continues. “Gave her a very stern warning to keep her hands to herself.”

That’s a lesson that people are supposed to learn as kindergartenders.

Kelly’s violence wasn’t just upsetting — it was reportedly a legal liability, and is said to have cuased the show’s insurance to go up.

If a TV show is out there filming reality stars hitting each other, sooner or later, they’re going to get accused of encouraging it. And they’ll get sued.

The source says: “Bravo demanded and practically forced Kelly Dodd into an anger management program.”

“The head producers made it very clear that they did not condone her unhinged behavior,” the insider reports.

“And,” the source concludes, producers “urged her to seek help for her own benefit.”

Kelly is in trouble with more than just producers and executives and castmates and viewers, however.

If reports are to be believed, Kelly allegedly attacked a woman in a bar in San Diego back in March.

The woman, said to be a friend of Dr. Brian’s, allegedly sustained injuries.

As Kelly deals with the legal fallout from that, it is expected to make its way onto the show as part of her storyline.

Remember that moment in the midseason trailer where Kelly jokes about having “failed anger management” before?

Yeah, we think that the topic may be pretty significant for her.

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